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Castle View Academy Homeschool Review

My daughter’s favourite grammar class ever is Basic Cozy Grammar and Cozy Punctuation. These online interactive classes are a feast for the senses with the backdrop of Vancouver Island and classical music in each lesson. Grammar lessons are woven into everyday situations in a unique and pleasing way for both native English speakers, as well[…]


Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course Many people are concerned by what they perceive as a lack of grammar skills being taught in schools today. The producers of THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE have created a self-contained audio/visual learning tool that would help parents and educators to empower themselves to do something about the problem.[…]

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THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE listed in 2001 Best Children’s Videos Whimsical approach to basic English grammar as retired teacher presents light-hearted tutorials in and around her cozy cottage on the seashore. Includes video lessons and workbook with exercises, tests and answer key. Adult Juror Comments: Educational. Interesting, well organized, in-depth study of grammar. Cheery[…]

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THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE listed in the National Adult Literacy Database The National Adult Literacy Database Inc. (NALD) is a federally incorporated, non-profit service organization which fills the crucial need for a single-source, comprehensive, up-to-date and easily accessible database of adult literacy programs, resources, services and activities in North America and overseas. NALD provides[…]

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Homeschool English Grammar   By Laura Henderson Grammar is one of the cornerstones of language arts. While there is much debate over how to teach grammar, when to teach grammar, and even if you have to teach grammar; most parents approach grammar at least a few times during the course of their child’s education. Fortunately,[…]

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Review: Cozy English Grammar “Discipline does not stifle creativity” Marie Rackham I cannot recommend this grammar course highly enough! I thoroughly enjoy watching a well-done video, presenting material I care about, and I love grammar — as well as English in all its forms.  I also love all things “language”. I consider the skill of[…]

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Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course Let me begin this review with some facts: My maiden name is Edwards. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. I’ve read every Agatha Christie mystery written and I love Earl Grey tea. So, how could I not love Cozy Grammar! Cozy Grammar, produced by Splashes from the River,[…]

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Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course “Cozy Grammar is an excellent tool that’s well worth a look.”

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Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course A couple of months ago, the Canadian distributor for Cozy Grammar, Splashes From the River, very generously sent us the Basic Cozy Grammar program to review. It opens with music playing softly (turns out that on one of the printouts from the cd they list the music for you,[…]

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  Review: Cozy English The Dreaded Last Minute Curriculum Change You probably haven’t heard of Cozy Grammar. I know that I hadn’t, so let me tell you about it. First of all, I found it in September after a frantic search for a new English program, after I realized I had made a mistake <sigh> when[…]

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Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course Rating: Highly Recommended Audience Level: Grade 6 – Adult Subject(s): Language, English Date Reviewed: 1/19/2004 The Basic Cozy Grammar Course and workbook is a presentation of English grammar tutorials that instruct on all of the areas commonly considered grammar. The lessons are taught by retired English teacher Marie Rackham,[…]

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Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course English as a Second Language with your Guide Kenneth Beare In The Spotlight This video / workbook course focuses on learning a solid grasp of English grammar structure. The tutorials are taught on beautiful Vancouver Island employing an excellently presented multiple-intelligence approach. Product Summary The Basic Cozy Grammar Course[…]


Review: The Cozy Grammar Course Making the Grade: A+ Value for your Homeschool Dollar: 10 The Cozy Grammar Course “Grammar does not make you creative: it is a technique that enhances your creativity.  If you can’t speak well and write well your windows of opportunity are closed.” So begins, The Cozy Grammar Course, hosted by[…]

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Review: Cozy Grammar Have Fun Improving Your Grammar Skills! Learning the basics of English grammar has never been this easy…or fun or cozy for that matter. Cozy Grammar is a highly recommended video program that features retired English teacher Marie Rackham hosting a series of relaxed tutorials, in and around her cottage on the beach[…]

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Video Review Magazine for Libraries Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course March/April 2002 Edition Instructor Marie Rackham’s Cozy Grammar Course offers a fine introduction to a subject that most of us blissfully forgot after emancipation from high school (and would opt to undergo multiple root canals rather than revisit.) In filmed lessons, Rackham draws from[…]

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Official Magazine of New Zealand Parent Teacher Associations, Inc. Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course International Education Product The Cozy Grammar Series hosted by Marie Rackham, is a new educational audio-visual product, officially released to the world Home Video market in 2001. The series includes English grammar tutorials and companion exercises featuring study notes, exercises,[…]