grammar can enhance our ability to be creative

Grammar, Creativity, Excellence, and Peace

Marie and I have both long believed that grammar can enhance creativity. We’re therefore particularly delighted to share a poem written by one of Cozy Grammar’s students, Miguel Gonzalez Del Castillo. Miguel wrote the following poem in response to a creative writing assignment in the Basic Cozy Grammar Course.

Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Marks and the Power of Language

Do you remember the first time you discovered exclamation marks? How powerful! And how fun! These marks can serve powerfully, especially when used adeptly. But using exclamation marks adeptly can take some practice. That’s why we wanted to share two free excerpts from our Basic Cozy Punctuation Course.

Come into the house.

The Four Kinds of Sentences

Did you know there are four basic kinds of sentences? Watch a free excerpt from Lesson 1 of the Basic Cozy Grammar Course where Marie uses clear and concrete examples from life in her cozy beach cottage to illustrate the four kinds of sentences: assertive, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory.