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Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

March/April 2002 Edition

Instructor Marie Rackham’s Cozy Grammar Course offers a fine introduction to a subject that most of us blissfully forgot after emancipation from high school (and would opt to undergo multiple root canals rather than revisit.) In filmed lessons, Rackham draws from examples in and around her Canadian beach cottage — puttering in the garden, cleaning up around the house, roasting wienies on the beach, etc. — to teach viewers about subjects and predicates, nouns and verbs, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, phrases and clauses, compound and complex sentences, verb conjugation, and common errors, among other topics. Shot on digital video with colorful on-screen text examples overlaid to illustrate each grammatical principle, this amiably presented guide (featuring a pleasant classical music soundtrack background) serves equally well as an introduction or refresher course in giving students and/or adult audiences a good grounding in basic grammar.

Recommended Audience: High School, Colleges & Universities, Public Libraries.

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