Is there a way to master the essentials of grammar, punctuation, and essay writing so you can express yourself effectively without sounding stilted or drowning in a sea of do’s and don’ts?


And who made those do’s and don’ts anyway?


And is that really how you punctuate do’s and don’ts?!

Perhaps this has happened to you:


You’re writing something that could change your life . . . but the sentences don’t sound right.

They’re clunky, or confused, or off somehow, but you can’t figure out how to fix them.

And everything that’s supposed to help you just gives you another set of rules.

No wonder you want to throw grammar out the window!

The problem is this: most teachers of grammar just leave it on the whiteboard.


What you need instead is to see how language works from the inside, relating it to life, creativity, and love.


Then you’ll be able to say anything that your heart desires with clarity, flair, and pizzazz.


The Complete Cozy Grammar Curriculum

Mastery of language is indispensable to making your voice heard in the world.

After completing our courses, you will have all the tools you need to:

Write top-notch essays for high school, college, and beyond.
Compose impeccable cover letters, applications, speeches, and reports.
See clearly into the structure of sentences and their sources of beauty and power.
Punctuate easily and cleanly, without getting bogged down in technicalities.
Enjoy language as a poet enjoys language, awake to all of its wonders.
No one fails if they have the tools.

Cozy Grammar’s Co-Founder, Marie Rackham

We want you to have the tools you need at a price that fits your situation.


Complete details below!

The gift of a love and zeal for learning

My 10-year-old daughter, Alexa, found language a chore and boring. As a homeschool Mom, I searched high and low for a program that would stimulate her interest. I tried other curriculums. Other Moms recommended The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. When it arrived in no time at our home, we tried it.

My daughter was excited! Excited! Now she asks to do her lessons! I find myself having to help her pace herself. The woman teaching the lessons, Miss Marie, is priceless. Alexa identifies with her and can’t wait to spend time with her through the next lesson. When Daddy comes home, Alexa wants to tell him what Miss Marie did and said that day.

Other programs may teach, but not inspire to remember things learned. Miss Marie instills the lessons of grammar in a way Alexa will never forget! It’s for all learning styles. You have helped me give my daughter the gift of a love and zeal for learning we couldn’t find before. Please create more subjects for us, but only let Miss Marie do the teaching! She’s a treasure.

Darcie P.
Homeschooling Mom, Kentucky

Who Our Courses Are For


Cozy Grammar’s courses are specifically designed for the following kinds of learners:


Homeschoolers of all stripes—secular and religious, structured and unstructured, new and experienced and everything in between. We also offer group and co-op pricing.

Charter School Students

Charter school students who are looking for a complete and self-directed language arts curriculum.

Ages Nine and Up

Students nine and up without any previous experience with grammar, as well as their precocious younger siblings.

Adult Learners

Intrepid adult learners, both on their own and in corporate and professional training programs, interested in refreshing and improving their skills.

English Language Learners

English language learners from non-English-speaking communities and countries, particularly where English opens new doors and horizons.

Schools and Community Centers

Students in public and private schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, adult ed programs, and community learning centers.

For a wide range of ages

What I enjoyed about the video is that it puts the learning of grammar into real life situations, for example learning pronouns around the dinner table. I like the larger font used in the workbook and there are a limited number of practice questions. If the child needs more drill, additional questions can be made up. It is not grade specific so you can use it for a wide range of ages usually found in the homeschool family.

Janet Rainbow
Homeschooling Consultant

Dyslexic child really responded well to the video presentation

I have three children with different learning styles and they all love The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. Although I have spent some time on grammar with my children, they picked up more just watching the video than they did from any books that I have used.

I have one child that is dyslexic and she really responded well to the video presentation.

This course has great content without the hype. We really appreciate it.

Heidi L.
Homeschooling Mom, Pennsylvania

Would just like to tell you that you’re important

I used to watch your DVDs as a kid. I’m 18 now, would just like to tell you that you’re important 🙂

Comment on our YouTube Channel

Why The Courses Work


All of our courses are based on three essential principles:

Marie describes the Basic Cozy Grammar Course

The context of language is life.

Not a whiteboard, or a chalkboard, or a textbook.

When you see grammar in the world—in the flight of seagulls, the immediacy of a stop sign, the cozy warmth of a hot cup of tea—the deeper sense of language comes alive.

Each of our courses integrates the concepts of writing with practical, real-world settings.

grammar enhances creativity

Grammar enhances creativity.

Grammar is nothing more, and nothing less, than the technique of language—in the same way that scales are part of the technique of music, or mixing paints is part of the technique of painting.

When you understand for yourself the ways that words work their magic, you discover depths of creativity you may never have even dreamed you had.

No one fails if they have the tools.

When someone cares enough to guide you step by step into the powers and possibilities of language, you don't just learn how to write beautiful sentences and essays.

You also gain the tools and the confidence to succeed at every task your heart calls you to in life.

When you pair these principles with the support of direct email access to Thomas through our “Ask Cozy Grammar” program, you discover something wonderful:

Grammar goes from being a dusty old dinosaur to a tool for achieving clarity of thought, meaning, and expression.

Sound writing and speaking cease to be abstract impositions or unattainable ideals.

You experience that good language is actually love in action, and that love of language is love for the world.

The impact has been incredible

We used your curriculum when it was on DVD for our 2 oldest daughters. When our oldest went to college they were blown away by how well trained she was. Our daughter actually believes they “dumbed her down” and her writings became more rigid and less creative. Even her co-workers at the hospital doing help desk tickets constantly made remarks about how much they enjoyed her detailed tickets.

We have since adopted 4 sisters and have been using these products. The impact has been incredible. One of these young ladies was not enrolled in school until we took placement of her when she was nearing 9 years old. We battled the schools with IEP disagreements until after the adoption when we pulled them to homeschool. According to the school she would never be able to function independently or at grade level. After using your course for several months we noticed a drastic improvement. Her struggles are real but her possibilities and capabilities are beyond what we imagined! We tested with CAT test for reference. We were ecstatic to see in this last year doing 8th grade that she has jumped from a 3rd grade to a 6.1-6.7 grade level in everything except the language. For Language usage & structure she scored at 8.2. That is amazing!

Thank you for your commitment to sharing the Cozy Series. I cannot say enough how pleased we are with it and very excited to see how it continues to grow!

Jessica Vanasdale
Homeschooling Mother, Zanesville, Ohio

About Cozy Grammar, Marie, and Thomas

The Cozy Grammar Seagull, Hopper!

Since 2001, Cozy Grammar has helped over 10,000 students in more than 27 countries to bring English to life. Cozy Grammar’s courses have not only won honors and awards from numerous educational and homeschooling organizations, but have also been recognized by key players in the film and video industry, including the Hollywood Film Advisory Board, The Dove Foundation, The Cindy Awards, and the Telly Awards.

More important than these awards, however, is the way that Cozy Grammar has become a beloved resource for two generations of students, teachers, and homeschooling families. We are proud to honor the legacy and vision of Marie Rackham with the ongoing inspiration and teaching of Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma, one student and family at a time.

Marie Rackham, co-founder of Cozy Grammar with producer and director David Mielke, worked as a public school teacher on Vancouver Island in Canada for thirty-four years, teaching at all levels from kindergarten to grade twelve, and also taught piano privately in her own home studio for fourteen years. To this day many of her former students claim her as their favorite teacher of all time.

During her years of teaching, Marie developed her own curriculum for teaching grammar and punctuation. When she retired, her curriculum was published through the local Teacher's Resource Center and made available to all the schools in the district as a self-contained workbook. This workbook became the framework for the Cozy Grammar series of videos originally produced by Splashes From the River Multimedia Entertainment and featuring Marie herself.

Marie Rackham in her hat, greeting you for the Basic Cozy Essay Course
Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma is an internationally recognized author, poet, translator, and speaker. His books include The Kural, his forthcoming translation of this classical Tamil masterpiece on ethics, power, and love; The Safety of Edges, a collection of poems; Give, Eat, and Live: Poems of Avvaiyar, the first literary translation into English of this 12th century Tamil poet, woman, and saint; and Body and Earth: Notes from a Conversation, written with the artist C.F. John.

Thomas has more than two decades of experience teaching elementary students, middle schoolers, high schoolers, undergraduates, and homeschoolers, and was a part of the Vashon Island School District’s StudentLink program until 2018. He has received great acclaim and prestigious awards for his inspirational way of approaching language and has been the recipient of grants and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, 4Culture, Artist Trust, the Community of Writers, the U.S. Fulbright Program, the American Literary Translators Association, Ohio State University, Oberlin Shansi, and Oberlin College.

I am SO thrilled to have found Cozy Grammar!

I am SO thrilled to have found Cozy Grammar! I’m a former high school English/Reading teacher turned home schooling mom. 🙂 My oldest two (twins) will be 11 next month, and I also have 9, 7, and 3 year olds. I’ve done a basic intro to grammar with my 10 year olds, but have lacked consistency. I LOVE Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education, so this is what we use in our home school. Last night I was perusing a new-to-me site called charlottemasonhelp.com. Cozy Grammar was linked in the section about grammar – and I was hooked!

I’m not exaggerating when I say I was in tears watching the intro video and the ABOUT section about Marie. She sounds like a lovely woman – someone I would have loved to have known. I can’t wait to start the course with my children!

Cherridon Akers
Homeschooling Mom, North Carolina

Features of Our Curriculum


More than 250 Video Lessons
Beautiful Natural and Cozy Locations
Special Essay Videos from London, England


Step-by-step Notes for All Video Content
Additional Helpful Examples
Examples from Poetry and Literature
Creative Writing Activities
Bonus Videos


Answer-Specific Feedback on Every Question
Specially Tailored Tips from Marie and Thomas


4 Sample Essays Discussed in the Video Lessons
12 Additional Sample Essays with Detailed Annotations
Even an Essay Filmed Behind the Scenes of the Harry Potter Movies!


All Study Notes
All Exercises
All Review tests
All Answer Keys
All Sample Essays
Formatted to Save Paper


Enlivening and Calming
Specifically Designed to Enhance Learning
All Performed by Marie Rackham


Easily Adaptable to Specific Situations and Goals


Exercise Results Can Be Printed Each Time Completed


Celebrate the Progress of Each of Your Students!

Access for an Entire Household

Individual and Family Access to the Complete Cozy Grammar Curriculum includes:

  • One primary account.
  • Four sub-accounts.

We also provide custom annual access for groups, classrooms, libraries, and organizations.

Visit our group and co-op pricing page to learn how group "pay from the heart" pricing works.

For classroom, library, and organizational pricing, please contact us for more information.

Topics Covered in Each Course


The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

Our complete introductory course for students without any experience with grammar who want to build a solid and long-lasting foundation.

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

What This Course Will Give You:

  • A thorough understanding of the four kinds of sentences, which not only allow you to express your ideas easily and clearly, but form the building blocks of all storytelling and creativity as well.
  • The eight parts of speech and how each of them offers unexpected possibilities for making your writing unforgettable.
  • The danger of misplaced phrases and how you can avoid the embarrassing confusion they create.
  • The effervescent zing that a well-placed interjection can add to even the simplest of your sentences.
  • The three common errors you want to avoid to keep people from tuning out from what you’re trying to say.

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

Our complete guide to the basics of punctuation for students who have taken or are taking the Basic Cozy Grammar Course, or for students who already know the four kinds of sentences, the two parts of every sentence, and the eight parts of speech.

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

What This Course Will Give You:

  • The secret of how punctuation marks act as language traffic signs, helping readers to travel through your writing freely and effortlessly.
  • The most essential uses of every important punctuation mark and how they help make your meaning crystal clear.
  • The surprising history of why we punctuate in the first place and how it can help you understand and even write your own poetry.
  • The ten most common punctuation confusions that will befuddle your readers—or yourself!

The Basic Cozy Essay Course

A comprehensive guide to a simple but powerful way to write essays that can open doors in learning and in life.

For students who have completed the Basic Cozy Grammar Course and the Basic Cozy Punctuation Course, or who have already mastered the concepts they teach.

Basic Cozy Essay Course

What This Course Will Give You:

  • A solid understanding of the parts of an essay and how they fit together to write any kind of essay you want, from expository essays and research papers to personal narratives and college application statements.
  • The reason students often fail first-year university English and the simple principle that you can use to transform your own experience.
  • A complete set of sample essays with step-by-step annotations designed to further develop your own ability to perceive the structure of an essay and use it in your own unique ways.
  • Special additional lessons filmed in London and behind the scenes of the Harry Potter movies.

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level 1

Thirty-one lessons to take your understanding of English to the next level, with a focus on the ways that words change their form depending on their place in a sentence and how this knowledge can help you express complex thoughts with lucidity and grace.

What This Course Will Give You:

  • The key to learning the language of grammar and how it can reveal how much you already know about words.
  • The concept of inflection and how it adds both flexibility and precision to the way you describe people, places, things, and events.
  • The secret life of verbs and how you can use them to convey different moods.
  • A bonus set of tips for acing the language section of educational exams so you can continue opening the doors to your chosen areas of intellectual and professional exploration.

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level 2

Just released!


Twenty-six lessons to complete your understanding of the structure of sentences, with a focus on how verbals, phrases, and clauses can add texture, variety, and nuance to your ability not only to share ideas but also to convey emotion.

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level 2

What This Course Will Give You:

  • The reason why it’s not actually so bad to split an infinitive and how this serves you in mastering not just the structure but the history of English.
  • The essential work of clauses and how they can help you write expansive sentences that nobody gets lost in.
  • The undervalued art of creating diagrams of sentences that allow you to see their structures, and your own meanings, even more clearly.
  • A second bonus set of tips for acing the language section of educational exams in a way that turns even the dullest test into a lively and engaging game.
  • The master key that ties all of our Cozy Grammar courses together and integrates your understanding in a way that will serve you for as long as you continue reading and writing.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Each Course?

basic cozy punctuation question mark

Marie and Thomas have carefully designed Cozy Grammar’s courses to be flexible enough to offer freedom to different kinds of students and families, but structured enough to offer a solid and long-lasting foundation.

  • Students generally take 6 months to 1 year to complete each course.
  • For students studying regularly and intensively, 6 months is more than enough. For students wanting a more leisurely pace, 1 year is ideal.
  • We also offer sample 36-Week Schedules for each course that you can use or modify as you see fit, especially for those following a school-year schedule.
  • The Basic Cozy Grammar Course and the Basic Cozy Punctuation Course fit well together and can be taken at the same time or back to back.

Two Ways of Working—Times Two!

Cozy Grammar supports two distinct ways of learning. For parents and teachers whose hands are already full, the course offers a fully self-contained curriculum that students can follow on their own.

For parents and teachers interested in being actively involved, the course also allows working through the course beside one's students and provides opportunities for interaction and activities together.

Similarly, students and families can choose to do all of the coursework online OR can opt instead to watch only the videos online and read the study notes and complete the exercises on downloadable PDFs.

As Marie would say, “It’s up to you!”

Marie smiling with delight on the beach with seagulls behind her.


I had my students follow the guidelines of the Modern Language Association or MLA,

Marie and Thomas have designed all of their courses to meet the needs of students, regardless of what institutional affiliations they may or may not have or wish to have. At the same time, the courses also correspond with various state, national, and international educational standards for English Language Arts and Literacy.

They meet or exceed, for instance, the Common Core Language Standards for Grades 6-12, especially as students complete all of the recommended writing and language activities in the study notes.

If you have a question about how The Complete Cozy Grammar Curriculum meets the requirements for your region or country, or need specific documentation, please contact us and we’ll be happy to make things as easy as possible.

I built my language arts curriculum around Cozy Grammar

I am a public school 6th grade teacher and homeschooling Mom. I built my language arts curriculum around Cozy Grammar, and as a result the reading and writing skills of my students have improved considerably. Many of the students study music, so they also recognized and enjoyed the classical piano pieces.

6th Grade Teacher and Homeschooling Mom, Los Gatos, CA, USA

Very helpful to international students and teachers

This course has been very helpful to my African students. I would highly recommend it. Besides that, your customer support is awesome.

It was quite challenging to try to teach grammar online, but I was able to build off your video lessons.

Cheri Hoke
International Teacher

A very gentle way to learn punctuation

I homeschool my son and we have completed The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course. This is a great course and we really enjoyed it. It is a very gentle way to learn punctuation. Marie uses road signs as visuals to help learn the punctuation marks and my son said that he would never forget them.

This course is very easy to use for student and teacher. After the student watches the lesson, he does the exercises from the online companion workbook to reinforce the concept. The lessons are short and to-the-point, one concept at a time. Marie is very clear and she is always actively doing something while teaching to help the concept stick.

The lessons are entertaining with beautiful scenery and relaxing classical music. I highly recommend this course for learning basic punctuation.

Gina Roberts, Homeschool Mom

Direct Support from Thomas


Ask Cozy Grammar


As part of our Complete Curriculum, all of Cozy Grammar’s current students, teachers, and families receive priority email access to Thomas.

Here's how it works:

  • Whenever you have a question about grammar, punctuation, or writing for which you can’t seem to find an answer in the study notes, you can use the priority access form in your account to send it in.
  • As soon as he can, Thomas will answer your question directly. In most cases, he is able to respond within two working days.
  • If your question is one that others might be interested in, Thomas will also make a personalized video answering it.
  • These videos then become part of the Ask Cozy Grammar Library. What’s that, you’re wondering? I’m glad you asked!

You also receive access to the Ask Cozy Grammar Library, our ever-expanding collection of answers and resources:

  • Private access to all previous Ask Cozy Grammar recordings.
  • All videos organized by question and topic.

Love how it is presented

Just wanted to let you and Marie know how pleased I am with this program. My son who is 15 has never enjoyed language arts. He wants to do more than one lesson a day!! That has never happened before. Now he is breaking sentences apart and identifying them in our everyday conversations.

It’s so fun to hear. He loves how it is presented. He even told me that it will help him write better sentences.

Just wanted to let you know.


Dita Mallon
Appreciative Mom

Popular and clear

I showed the course to students at the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade levels. I thought that the grade 9 students might object to the learning style, but when I told them that I was going to use a different program, they didn’t want me to change. The students commented that she (Marie) speaks clearly and that they could understand what was being taught.

I plan to use both the grammar and punctuation courses at the grade 6 level in this coming year.

Cindy W.
Charter School Teacher, Florida, USA

Everything That's Included

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

The Basic Cozy Essay Course

Basic Cozy Essay Course

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level 1

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level 2

Just released!

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level 2

Priority Email Support from Thomas

Access to the Ask Cozy Grammar Library

What Writing Exercise to Use for Practicing English Grammar with a 9-Year-Old at Home?

Access for an Entire Household

One primary account and up to four sub-accounts.

Over 250 Video Lessons

Online Study Notes

Interactive Exercises, Review Tests, and Answer Keys

18 Sample Essays

PDF Workbook for Each Course

Classical Piano Soundtrack in Each Course

Suggested 36-Week Schedules

Ability to Document Responses

Course Completion Certificate

Our "Pay From the Heart" Pricing

From Our Heart to Yours and Back Again

For more than twenty years, Cozy Grammar's commitment has been to help students and families around the world open the doors to more powerful language and deeper creativity.

Part of this process includes helping our students learn to trust their own ears and hearts.

That's why we've decided to switch to "Pay From the Heart" pricing.

What this means is that you listen to your heart and pay the amount for one year of access to Cozy Grammar that honestly feels right to you.

But don't worry! Just as we do in our courses, we'll guide you step by step through the process.

We want you to be thrilled to be connected to Cozy Grammar, both for what you receive from us and for how you help us to keep offering what we offer.

How It Works

In an ideal world, we would give away Cozy Grammar's curriculum for free to anyone who would wish to use it.

But as Marie and Thomas say again and again, the foundation of good writing, like good living, is honesty. Running Cozy Grammar takes money, time, and expertise, not to mention the regular assistance of skilled website developers!

So here are three numbers for you to consider for one year of access to Cozy Grammar.

Our suggested price for one year of access, $144 USD, reflects what allows us to sustain our business. For people who can pay this amount, we're honored to receive their support in doing what we love to do.

However, for those for whom this price is too much of a stretch, our minimum requested price is $64 USD. Since all of our hearts are involved, the amount has to feel good to our hearts too. When we listened, anything below $64 USD simply didn't feel right to us, and we wanted to be honest about that with you.

Finally, for those whose situations allow them to help support others, we recommend our supporter price of $224 USD. People who can pay this amount help us greatly in making Cozy Grammar as widely available as possible.

NOTE: These suggestions are for individual and family pricing. Visit our group and co-op pricing page to learn how group "pay from the heart" pricing works.

Our International and "Food or Shelter" Exceptions

If you feel that Cozy Grammar would offer something essential to you or your family but live in an economy with an unfavorable exchange rate or are otherwise in a financial situation where spending $64 USD for one year of access would make it difficult to afford food or to keep a roof over your head, we invite you wholeheartedly to choose an amount lower than our minimum. We are committed to helping you learn even if you find yourself in such a situation.

But if this is not the case for you, we ask you to pay our minimum of $64 USD, we invite you to pay our sustainable price of $144 USD, and we welcome you to pay our supporter price of $224 USD, which helps us enormously in offering this possibility in the first place.

What Other Courses Charge

As Marie and Thomas also emphasize, context is essential, in language and in life.

We've been around a long time and have researched over the years what other curriculum providers charge for comparable groups of courses. Their rates range anywhere from $100 to more than $1500 USD a year.

We really want to encourage you, however, to do something that is increasingly overlooked in the current world: take a moment to pause and listen deeply to what feels right to you. Your amount may or may not fall somewhere in this range. All that matters is that the amount truly feels right to you.

These numbers are simply to give a little more context for your listening.

We Will Trust Your Decision

It may feel unusual to pay in this way, but then again, it may also feel unusual to enjoy studying grammar, or to explore it outside the classroom, while watching Discovery Passage for whales, strolling through the woods, or sipping a cup of tea.

Please know that whatever price honestly feels right to you will be fine with us. As long as you've taken the time to listen deeply, we will trust what you say.

One more important note. You don't have to email us to explain your number or to say you wish you could pay more but this is all you can do right now. We know how life can go. It feels right to our hearts to offer this pricing and we will trust you to trust your own heart in responding.

What To Do Now

First, decide whether you'd like to use Cozy Grammar. Think about what one year of access to our curriculum could mean to you, your students, your family, and your heart.

Second, if you decide “Yes,” make a second decision about how much your heart wants to give. Take time to think about your own financial situation and to listen to what number feels right to you.

Then sign up by filling out the form below! We'll send you an invoice for payment and set up your account right away.

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Our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

For more than two decades we have stood by our curriculum and want all of our students and families not only to be happy, but to be thrilled with our courses.

At the same time, providing curriculum online requires time, money, and energy to keep everything running smoothly both above and below the surface.

We’re happy to offer a 30-day guarantee, no questions asked. If you’re not delighted with our courses, please contact us and we’ll refund your payment completely.

We also encourage you to schedule time to explore our courses during the first month after your purchase.

After 30 days, we are unable to offer refunds. Thank you for your understanding!

complete satisfaction guarantee

Questions? We have answers!

Do you offer group and co-op pricing?

Yes! Cozy Grammar’s Complete Curriculum is well suited for groups and homeschooling co-ops wanting to study language and creativity together.

Our group pricing is offered on a pay from the heart basis and includes a bonus opportunity for your group to have its own live Q&A session with Thomas each year.

Click the button below for all the details!

What if I’m a teacher and want to license Cozy Grammar’s Courses for classroom use?

We’d be delighted! Please contact us for more information.


What if my students attend a Charter School?

We regularly supply our 1-year, renewable option to charter schools across the country at our suggested price of $144 USD. Simply have your advisor or supervising teacher contact us and we’ll take care of everything with your school directly.


What if I already own one of your courses?

If you’ve already purchased the lifetime version of any of our courses, you will continue to have access for as long as Cozy Grammar is around.

And if you'd like to have access to the complete curriculum as well, please contact us and we'll make sure your previous purchase or purchases will count towards it.


When you speak of Cozy Grammar's awards, what awards are you talking about?

Cozy Grammar's courses have received some of the highest awards available to creators of educational videos, including an Excellence in Education award from the Old Schoolhouse Magazine, an Award of Excellence from the Hollywood Film Advisory Board, and a Seal of Approval from the Dove Foundation.

Are there third-party professional reviews of Cozy Grammar's courses?

Yes! Cozy Grammar has received reviews in some of the world's most reputable journals, including the Library Journal, the School Library Journal, the Coalition for Quality Children's Media, Booklist, Homeschooling Today, the Dove Foundation, and the Old Schoolhouse magazine.

What if I still have questions?


We’ve tried our best to explain things as fully as we can⁠—and, being human, we've probably left something out.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us using the form below and we’ll strive to reply within two business days (and usually much earlier than that).

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