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Review: Cozy English

The Dreaded Last Minute Curriculum Change

You probably haven’t heard of Cozy Grammar. I know that I hadn’t, so let me tell you about it. First of all, I found it in September after a frantic search for a new English program, after I realized I had made a mistake <sigh> when I had picked Winston Grammar. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Winston Grammar is an excellent program; however, it is more teacher intensive than our homeschool distinctives dictate. During this search I ran across Cozy Grammar.

First Thoughts about Cozy Grammar

The first time we set up Cozy grammar the kids loved Mrs. Rackham. They were enthralled by her. Mrs. Rackham looks like the quintessential English Teacher and it is clear that she really enjoys teaching. Literally while I was working on Speed Phonics with one of the children the rest all gathered around the computer to listen to Mrs. Rackham discuss types of sentences, as if they were watching the latest movie.

When I ran across Cozy Grammar I was looking for an independent program that provided a complete overview of Grammar that the children could complete independently. We are enjoying a year of intensive Language Arts and Cozy Grammar’s Mastery approach & independent nature fit the bill.

Cozy English Grammar lessons look like this in our home:

  • The children watch the teaching videos on Monday and do 1 exercise.
  • Then they complete 1 exercise each day.
  • There are periodic tests to evaluate the students progress.
  • Cozy English is a mastery program.

What I like about Cozy English

  • It’s really easy to implement.
  • I really like the fact that it allows my children to work independently on their grammar and punctuation.
  • It doesn’t take a long time for them to finish their English assignments.
  • Mrs. Rackham is really very pleasant to watch and she explains concepts in simple easily understandable terms. If children do not understand the exercises it is usually because they did not watch the video.
  • The same program can be done with children in different grade levels , about 3rd -7th grade.

What I dislike

  • I wish they had  a bit more practice and some review built into the program.

Overall thoughts about Cozy English

We have been using Cozy since the beginning of the year and we are very happy with the program. Like most things in our homeschool, we are slowly working our way through the rather large workbook as we attempt to reach a mastery level in English Grammar & Punctuation, and it is one of our favorite language arts resources. This is a very enjoyable way to execute an English curriculum that can be used with multiple children.

Kyle Suzaane McVay Aspired Living