Online Q & A with Thomas


With so many of us now learning from home, have you found yourself needing to explain grammar to your kids and feeling uncertain what to say? Do you have questions about learning language in ways that inspire creativity and confidence?

We now offer two ways to ask Thomas your questions about grammar, punctuation, spelling, or writing.


Free "Ask Cozy Grammar" Videos


If you're new to Cozy Grammar and have a question for Thomas, please submit it using the form below. If he hasn't answered it before, he'll answer it for you personally in an upcoming Ask Cozy Grammar video.

And if he has answered it before, he'll send you a direct link to the relevant video along with any additional tips that occur to him. Here's a recent example:

Thomas has more than two decades of experience teaching internationally and has received acclaim and awards for his inspirational way of approaching language.

He looks forward to hearing from you.

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Live Q & A Sessions For Current Students


We're pleased to announce a monthly online Q & A session that's free for all current students and families.

Here are examples of recent questions that Thomas has answered:

  • How can we grow our children’s writing habits?
  • When do we use “affect” and when do we use “effect”?
  • Can we begin a sentence with the words “and” or “but”?
  • Why are commas so confusing? How do we get started using them?

The call meets on Zoom and lasts for up to 1 hour. You can connect via your computer or even just your home phone. (You'll find complete instructions in a video at the bottom of this page.)

You can learn more about the Q & A call in this video:

Our next session takes place on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 1:00PM Pacific

Sessions last approximately one hour

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Here’s what the call will look like:

  • Thomas will be available 10 minutes before the official starting time if you’d like to meet him informally. Simply sign in beforehand.
  • Thomas will begin by answering the questions people submitted when they registered. Generally he spends between 5 to 8 minutes answering each question.
  • Toward the end of the call, Thomas may take additional questions if time permits. He’s always happy to clarify points and sometimes stays on a little longer to do so.
  • The best way to ensure that Thomas answers your question is to register and submit your question early.

If you have to leave during the call or can’t make the call live, don’t worry! We'll make recordings of each answer and make sure it gets to you.

Here are all of our Ask Cozy Grammar videos so far. Click on each question to watch the answer from Thomas. To return to this page, simply click outside the video screen again.


Ask Cozy Grammar Video Archive

How to Join the Live Q & A


After you register, we'll send complete instructions for joining the Q & A.

We've also put together a helpful guide in case this is your first time joining an online video call.

Register for Ask Cozy Grammar

Our next session takes place on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 1:00PM Pacific

Sessions last approximately one hour

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