Personalized Q & A with Thomas

With so many of us now learning from home, have you found yourself needing to explain grammar to your kids and feeling uncertain what to say? Do you have questions about learning language in ways that inspire creativity and confidence?

We now offer two ways to ask Thomas your questions about grammar, punctuation, spelling, or writing.


Free "Ask Cozy Grammar" Videos


If you're new to Cozy Grammar and have a question for Thomas, please submit it using the form below. If he hasn't answered it before, he'll answer it for you personally in an upcoming Ask Cozy Grammar video.

Here's a recent example:

Thomas has more than two decades of experience teaching internationally and has received acclaim and awards for his inspirational way of approaching language.

He looks forward to hearing from you.

Direct Support from Thomas


As part of our Complete Curriculum, all of Cozy Grammar’s current students, teachers, and families receive priority email access to Thomas:

  • Whenever you have a question about grammar, punctuation, or writing for which you can’t seem to find an answer in the study notes, you can use the priority access form in your account to send it in.
  • As soon as he can, Thomas will answer your question directly. In most cases, he is able to respond within two working days.
  • If your question is one that others might be interested in, Thomas will also make a personalized video answering it.
  • These videos then become part of the Ask Cozy Grammar Library.

All current students, teachers, and families are heartily invited to send Thomas questions as part of our Ask Cozy Grammar program.

Thomas will answer you directly in an email and may even make a personal video for you as well!

Here for the first time or in one of our free courses?