How we’ve helped more than 10,000 students since 2001

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The secret of Cozy Grammar’s approach lies in three essential principles:

Marie describes the Basic Cozy Grammar Course

The context of language is life.

Not a whiteboard, or a chalkboard, or a textbook.

When you see grammar in the world—in the flight of seagulls, the immediacy of a stop sign, the cozy warmth of a hot cup of tea—the deeper sense of language comes alive.

Each of our courses integrates the concepts of writing with practical, real-world settings.

grammar enhances creativity

Grammar enhances creativity.

Grammar is nothing more, and nothing less, than the technique of language—in the same way that scales are part of the technique of music, or mixing paints is part of the technique of painting.

When you understand for yourself the ways that words work their magic, you discover depths of creativity you may never have even dreamed you had.

No one fails if they have the tools.

When someone cares enough to guide you step by step into the powers and possibilities of language, you don't just learn how to write beautiful sentences and essays.

You also gain the tools and the confidence to succeed at every task your heart calls you to in life.

When you pair these principles with the support of direct email access to Thomas through our “Ask Cozy Grammar” program, you discover something wonderful:

Grammar goes from being a dusty old dinosaur to a tool for achieving clarity of thought, meaning, and expression.

Sound writing and speaking cease to be abstract impositions or unattainable ideals.

You experience that good language is actually love in action, and that love of language is love for the world.

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