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Review: Cozy Grammar

Have Fun Improving Your Grammar Skills!

Learning the basics of English grammar has never been this easy…or fun or cozy for that matter. Cozy Grammar is a highly recommended video program that features retired English teacher Marie Rackham hosting a series of relaxed tutorials, in and around her cottage on the beach in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.

Says Rackham, “Grammar does not make you creative; it is a technique that enhances your creativity. If you can’t speak well and write well your windows of opportunity are closed.”

There’s no knuckle rapping here, although this package is not short on content. This light-hearted approach to a serious subject has won 13 national and international awards. It is appropriate for self-educating youngsters, private tutoring, ESL situations, adult and family literacy applications, and for virtually anybody ages nine to adult who wants to improve their grammar skills.

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