The impact has been incredible

We used your curriculum when it was on DVD for our 2 oldest daughters. When our oldest went to college they were blown away by how well trained she was. Our daughter actually believes they “dumbed her down” and her writings became more rigid and less creative. Even her co-workers at the hospital doing help[…]

Very helpful to international students and teachers

This course has been very helpful to my African students. I would highly recommend it. Besides that, your customer support is awesome. It was quite challenging to try to teach grammar online, but I was able to build off your video lessons.

I am SO thrilled to have found Cozy Grammar!

I am SO thrilled to have found Cozy Grammar! I’m a former high school English/Reading teacher turned home schooling mom. 🙂 My oldest two (twins) will be 11 next month, and I also have 9, 7, and 3 year olds. I’ve done a basic intro to grammar with my 10 year olds, but have lacked[…]

We feel like a very dear and enjoyable friend is in our living room teaching

At the beginning of this year, I stumbled onto a very unique English curriculum – the Basic Cozy Grammar and Basic Cozy Punctuation courses, an award-winning series of relaxed English grammar and punctuation tutorials prepared as living textbooks. After a little research (do a Google for either course and you’ll find a number of excellent reviews) I[…]

Marie Makes Learning Grammar Painless

I absolutely love this course! Marie makes learning grammar painless. She is always doing something as she teaches nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, etc. which makes the DVDs very entertaining. She explains very clearly what each part of speech is and demonstrates them as well. It is really a great way to learn grammar. The classical[…]

Most Unique Language Arts Curriculum

Curriculum: Cozy Grammar/Punctuation Courses Grade level: All We love the Basic Cozy Grammar/Punctuation series by Marie Rackham! If you love the Charlotte Mason method of teaching, this series is for you! The series (grammar, punctuation, essay, spelling and intermediate grammar) is based for ages 10 to adult and is a wonderful review for those of[…]

An excellent course

Although grammar has been relegated to the dusty back shelf in many schools, it is an integral part of effective language usage. This gentle, quiet set of easy to understand lessons brings it back out to the light, and into sharp focus. Good explanations, examples and practice, with the ability to rewind and repeat, that[…]

Creative and dynamic approach to grammar

I am elated that Marie Rackham has recreated her style of teaching on video and in print. Twenty-five years ago in an elementary classroom, Marie was my teacher. As a university researcher and teacher today, I have a great appreciation for her creative and dynamic approach to grammar. I remain in awe.

A teacher full of dramatic enthusiasm

A report to the District Superintendent of Schools about Marie Rackham as a classroom English teacher: Marie Rackham’s teaching style might be best characterized by the phrase “dramatic.” She throws her total personality into instruction and as a consequence, receives the enthusiastic input of all of her students. As a result of this infectious enthusiasm,[…]

Pretty cool

When our teacher said we were going to learn grammar, and he started playing the first Cozy Grammar lesson, everyone kind of looked at each other like, “Oh no, grammar!”  But after watching the first lesson everyone seemed to get into it. Even the camera work and stuff is pretty cool. It worked really well.

I learned a lot using this course

A Student Recommends: To whoever wants to learn about adjectives, adverbs, comparisons of adverbs, phrases and prepositions, adjective phrases, adverb phrases, principal clauses and compound sentences, conjugation of verbs, nouns, and pronouns, verb phrases, agreement of verbs and verb tenses, I recommend Cozy Grammar. When you watch the lessons, you will find out all of the[…]

I’d like to move where the teacher lives

I think the Cozy Grammar is really nice. I’d like to move to where the teacher lives, because it is beautiful, and I like the beach. I like Cozy Grammar because the lady is funny and friendly. I like the reading and writing that comes on the picture, and I like how the colors change[…]

Funny and educational at the same time

I think that the Cozy Grammar Series is a great way of learning because it’s funny and educational at the same time. The video is clear and lessons are easy to understand and remember because it’s funny.


I think Cozy Grammar is awesome! It should have been made a long time ago. I hope it gets into all the schools.

Very useful for ESL students

The video is very easy to follow and very well presented. The visuals are strong and interesting and I really liked how the main points were reiterated with graphics. I could see it being very useful for E.S.L. students.