The impact has been incredible

We used your curriculum when it was on DVD for our 2 oldest daughters. When our oldest went to college they were blown away by how well trained she was. Our daughter actually believes they “dumbed her down” and her writings became more rigid and less creative. Even her co-workers at the hospital doing help desk tickets constantly made remarks about how much they enjoyed her detailed tickets.

We have since adopted 4 sisters and have been using these products. The impact has been incredible. One of these young ladies was not enrolled in school until we took placement of her when she was nearing 9 years old. We battled the schools with IEP disagreements until after the adoption when we pulled them to homeschool. According to the school she would never be able to function independently or at grade level. After using your course for several months we noticed a drastic improvement. Her struggles are real but her possibilities and capabilities are beyond what we imagined! We tested with CAT test for reference. We were ecstatic to see in this last year doing 8th grade that she has jumped from a 3rd grade to a 6.1-6.7 grade level in everything except the language. For Language usage & structure she scored at 8.2. That is amazing!

Thank you for your commitment to sharing the Cozy Series. I cannot say enough how pleased we are with it and very excited to see how it continues to grow!