Most Unique Language Arts Curriculum

Curriculum: Cozy Grammar/Punctuation Courses
Grade level: All

We love the Basic Cozy Grammar/Punctuation series by Marie Rackham! If you love the Charlotte Mason method of teaching, this series is for you! The series (grammar, punctuation, essay, spelling and intermediate grammar) is based for ages 10 to adult and is a wonderful review for those of us who have ‘forgotten’ along the way. Marie is very adept at teaching in a way that the information is very memorable. After you watch the short (3-5 minute) clip, you can do the exercises provided. We usually do this on Monday, then throughout the week, I give assignments that go along with it (ie. if we are studying verbs, I will ask them to write 5 sentences and underline the verbs or write a short story and use as many verbs as they can, etc.) just to keep them focused. It is the most unique language arts curriculum I have used and the ONLY one that my kids beg to use! That in itself is the highest recommendation I could ever have! It is pricey, but well worth it!