Very helpful to international students and teachers

This course has been very helpful to my African students. I would highly recommend it. Besides that, your customer support is awesome. It was quite challenging to try to teach grammar online, but I was able to build off your video lessons.

Grammar taught in a fun and innovative way

The kids thought Marie was very humorous and they enjoyed watching her. By the second or third lesson they ended up saying examples aloud with Marie, mimicking her, and having a great time. Students have mentioned that they finally understand grammar because it’s being taught in a fun and innovative way (not just watching the[…]

It works great in the classroom

I love the fact that the lessons are delivered not only visually through the use of images and strong graphics, but orally as well. As teachers we know that some students are visual learners, and others are audio learners. The Basic Cozy Grammar Course covers all aspects. I usually start my classes with some silent[…]

Takes away intimidation about grammar

As a former elementary teacher and Learning Assistant and E.S.L. teacher at the junior level, I wish I had had access to this grammar course. Marie’s relaxed, concise but clear instructions take away any intimidation a teacher, student or homeschooling parent might have about teaching grammar.

Easy to follow and learn

Overall, I think the program is useful and well thought out. I enjoyed the scenery, the music and the quality of production from sound to graphics. The content is strong and well presented, making it easy to follow and learn.

Popular and clear

I showed the course to students at the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade levels. I thought that the grade 9 students might object to the learning style, but when I told them that I was going to use a different program, they didn’t want me to change. The students commented that she (Marie) speaks clearly[…]

Delightfully refreshing approach to teaching grammar

A delightfully refreshing approach to teaching grammar, the Basic Cozy Grammar Course lends itself to a variety of instructional contexts: Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, Business English, home-schooling, libraries, distance education, and community learning centers, to name but a few. Familiar settings for lessons such as the beach, the woodshed, and the[…]

My son is slightly learning disabled

The grammar course is wonderful! My son, who is slightly learning disabled, has used the course over the past year. He now has no fear of grammar, and this course has helped to keep him on par with his classmates. Best of all, he CHOOSES to watch it!

I built my language arts curriculum around Cozy Grammar

I am a public school 6th grade teacher and homeschooling Mom. I built my language arts curriculum around Cozy Grammar, and as a result the reading and writing skills of my students have improved considerably. Many of the students study music, so they also recognized and enjoyed the classical piano pieces.

A great educational video series

Seneca College of Online Learning: Educational Video Series of the Month: April 2003 Basic Cozy Grammar Course is a great educational video series for people learning English grammar for the first time and for people who want to brush up on their knowledge. If you’d like to feel more confident with public speaking, or improve your skills[…]

Fantastic for review

We thoroughly enjoy Marie and love the classical music soundtrack. I am a ‘summer schooling’ Mom. My children are in the public school system and I like to enhance their language arts skills with some extra summertime instruction. The Basic Cozy Grammar Course is fantastic for review on a yearly basis and having an extra[…]

Ecstatic to have discovered Cozy Grammar

I am absolutely dazzled by the content of this course. As a new Language Arts teacher, I am ecstatic to have discovered Cozy Grammar. Students so often groan at grammar time. However, now they will be pleading to watch one more lesson in anticipation of what island wonders will be next. The short grammar lessons[…]

I commend you

I commend you for your creativity and insight and this fantastic video grammar instructional program you have created!

Phenomenal educational series

You are great! What a phenomenal educational series you have created! Thanks for making these videos. I am a retired elementary school principal and hold the same view on grammar instruction as you do!  I’m so glad this is available for everyone to enjoy!

I found this program extremely helpful

I loved the Cozy Grammar video/workbook course. In studying to become a certified ESL teacher I found this program extremely helpful as a review and in understanding the different parts of grammar and their proper use. The demonstrations were very helpful. I am looking forward to using this program with my future ESL students—what a[…]