It works great in the classroom

I love the fact that the lessons are delivered not only visually through the use of images and strong graphics, but orally as well. As teachers we know that some students are visual learners, and others are audio learners. The Basic Cozy Grammar Course covers all aspects. I usually start my classes with some silent reading and then I put in the video and have the kids do the exercises. The length of the lessons fit nicely within the time structure of the class. The workbook is very well laid out. It is clear and concise and as a teacher it is very convenient to have an answer key. Following Marie’s advice in the introduction to the workbook, I have the kids write the exercises out by hand so they can work on their penmanship. Best of all, my students really enjoy watching the video. They like the entertainment aspect and a lot of kids comment on the interesting camera angles, the beautiful west coast scenery, the incredible gardens and surprisingly, even the classical music soundtrack. All of my students ask me when I am going to play the video again. It works great in the classroom and I think it would be great for homeschooling as well.