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Castle View Academy Homeschool Review

My daughter’s favourite grammar class ever is Basic Cozy Grammar and Cozy Punctuation. These online interactive classes are a feast for the senses with the backdrop of Vancouver Island and classical music in each lesson. Grammar lessons are woven into everyday situations in a unique and pleasing way for both native English speakers, as well[…]

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Review: The Cozy Punctuation Course Volume 10 – Number 1 – October 2004 In acknowledging that there is no absolute agreement on the correct or preferred use of many punctuation marks, The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course introduces the listener/reader to the basic ways to use punctuation.  The author’s “cozy” approach to teaching the uses of[…]

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Review: The Cozy Punctuation Course “Remember the purpose of punctuation is clarity of meaning.” Marie Rackham Quick, how many punctuation marks can you think of? Ten? Fifteen? We’re not talking hundreds here, so why is punctuation so hard to master? Retired English teacher Marie Rackham doesn’t think it’s difficult and she has the course to[…]


Review: The Cozy Punctuation Course When I received The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course to review, I thought, “How could the word cozy go with punctuation?” Well, I soon found out! I told my kids to get ready to review The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course. They all came back with their pillows and quilts. I laughed[…]

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Review: The Cozy Punctuation Course Okay. Swallow hard. Here’s a course on basic punctuation that your 6th through 12th graders could actually like! Let retired school teacher Marie Rackham take you to beautiful scenic spots – like a lighthouse, forest, shoreline, Native totem poles, and a waterfall – to make question marks, double quotation marks,[…]

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Review: The Cozy Punctuation Course Rating:  Highly Recommended Audience Level: Elementary – Adult Subject(s): Language, English Date Reviewed: 1/19/2004 The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course is a presentation of 15 English punctuation tutorials that encompass the rules for the proper use of commas, question marks, colons, and other punctuation. The lessons are taught by retired English[…]

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Review: The Cozy Punctuation Course January 1 & 15, 2004 Issue Gr. 6-12. Retired teacher Marie Rackham follows up The Basic Cozy Grammar Course (2002) with this similarly helpful punctuation primer. Strolling around her comfy home on picturesque Vancouver [Island] B.C. environs, Rackham compares punctuation marks to “traffic signs for reading and writing” and explains[…]

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Video Review Magazine for Libraries Review: The Cozy Punctuation Course November/December 2003 Edition Sporting the bumper sticker “Punctuation Rules!” on the back of her car, retired English teacher/instructor Marie Rackham tools around natural settings on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada, pointing out noteworthy sites while sharing insights into the finer points of punctuation. Divided into 15[…]

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Library Journal recommends The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course for grade school through high school and ESL instruction September 1, 2003 Issue The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course set contains 15 lessons, of varying lengths, on the proper usage of punctuation marks (periods, comma, parentheses, etc.). Marie Rackham, a Canadian teacher, offers clear, real-world examples of proper[…]

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  Hollywood, CA   Excellent! We first had the pleasure of evaluating the outstanding ‘THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE‘ – and now we can enjoy retired English teacher, Marie Rackham, as she educates us on punctuation! The soothing, picturesque scenery of Campbell River, British Columbia and the welcoming personality and skill of Marie Rackham make[…]

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Review: The Cozy Punctuation Course Reviewed July 2003 Synopsis: The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow punctuation curriculum for homeschools, libraries, private tutoring, ESL, adult literacy, teacher resources and anyone wishing to brush up on punctuation skills. The course contains filmed lessons and an online workbook containing lesson overviews, exercises, and answer keys.[…]