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All-Star ReviewsReview: The Cozy Punctuation Course

Reviewed July 2003

Synopsis: The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow punctuation curriculum for homeschools, libraries, private tutoring, ESL, adult literacy, teacher resources and anyone wishing to brush up on punctuation skills. The course contains filmed lessons and an online workbook containing lesson overviews, exercises, and answer keys.

Age-Appropriateness: This course teaches punctuation with a relaxed, comfortable style that holds the attention of multiple age groups. The lessons are clear and easily understood, each one ranging from 7 to 18 minutes in length.

Graphics/Sound: Gentle classical piano music in the background and stunning location shots from beautiful British Columbia are a winning combination.

Pros: It is nice to find an educational program which doesn’t insult the student with crude humor and slick gimmicks. Marie, a retired English teacher, presents the potentially dry material in such a way as to be entertaining as well as educational. Also, she gives the learner little tips to help remember some of the punctuation rules. Each lesson is short and to the point, reinforced by the accompanying exercises and the written dialogue on the TV screen. The video format allows the student to go directly to the lesson he/she is working on, which saves time and frustration.

Cons: Kids of the MTV mind set might be inclined to make fun of the gentle style of this program, and ignore the genuine educational value of the material.

Conclusion: The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course is another delightful product from the producers of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. My children not only polished their punctuation skills, but they also learned some geography of British Columbia, and gained a renewed desire to practice their classical piano pieces… not bad for an English course. Whether or not you know what an interrobang or a loonie is, you need this course.

Ages: 9 to adult

Rating (out of 5): All-Star 5-Star Review