How we use parts of speech in everyday life

It is cool because the teacher is on your screen. If you don’t understand something or hear her, you can stop and rewind. The video lessons show how we use parts of speech like adverbs and adjectives in everyday life.

Pretty cool

When our teacher said we were going to learn grammar, and he started playing the first Cozy Grammar lesson, everyone kind of looked at each other like, “Oh no, grammar!”  But after watching the first lesson everyone seemed to get into it. Even the camera work and stuff is pretty cool. It worked really well.

I learned a lot using this course

A Student Recommends: To whoever wants to learn about adjectives, adverbs, comparisons of adverbs, phrases and prepositions, adjective phrases, adverb phrases, principal clauses and compound sentences, conjugation of verbs, nouns, and pronouns, verb phrases, agreement of verbs and verb tenses, I recommend Cozy Grammar. When you watch the lessons, you will find out all of the[…]

I’d like to move where the teacher lives

I think the Cozy Grammar is really nice. I’d like to move to where the teacher lives, because it is beautiful, and I like the beach. I like Cozy Grammar because the lady is funny and friendly. I like the reading and writing that comes on the picture, and I like how the colors change[…]

Funny and educational at the same time

I think that the Cozy Grammar Series is a great way of learning because it’s funny and educational at the same time. The video is clear and lessons are easy to understand and remember because it’s funny.