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Review: The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Date Reviewed: 4/20/2005 The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course is designed to teach more advanced principles of grammar in a relaxed and soothing manner, and is a continuation of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. Structured in two levels, Level One focuses on the inflection and classification of nouns, pronouns and[…]

School Library Journal

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Reviewed in the June 2005 Issue Grade 8 Up – The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course is a self-directed series of instruction and exercises covering grammar at the intermediate level. It begins with a basic grammar review and introduction to inflection and classification, followed by 30 detailed lessons on the inflection[…]

The Old Schoolhouse

Review: Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Levels 1 and 2 March 2006 Issue My children and I so thoroughly enjoyed Basic Cozy Grammar that I knew it was a given that we’d continue on with this curriculum. The last TOS review of Basic Cozy was in 2001 and the Intermediate Levels became available a few years[…]