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The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course

Reviewed in the June 2005 Issue

Grade 8 Up – The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course is a self-directed series of instruction and exercises covering grammar at the intermediate level. It begins with a basic grammar review and introduction to inflection and classification, followed by 30 detailed lessons on the inflection of nouns, verbs, and pronouns, each approximately five minutes in length. Retired English teacher Marie Rackham offers a relaxed, go-at-your-own-pace approach, emphasizing repetition and practice. Pleasant classical piano music plays in the background at the beginning and end of each lesson. Rackham’s beautiful waterfront home in British Columbia provides the backdrop for the program, and sample sentences are created as the camera follows her doing simple housekeeping activities such as cooking, stacking wood, bed-making, and sorting goodwill items. “All my knives need sharpening,” she says, as the words appear graphically on the screen. Rackham changes her vocal tone for emphasis as the possessive plural noun, “knives,” is underlined on screen. Her “cozy” approach is accessible and encouraging as she finishes each lesson with, “Now do the exercises!” in the accompanying workbook. Exercises, review sheets, three unit tests, a final, and answer keys are included in the workbook. The program would be appropriate for self-directed learners, including ELA, ESL, and homeschooled students.