Questar Award

    2001 Questar Award Finalist THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE Educational For Home Video   The Questar Awards Festival of Excellence in Video productions was founded by The International Academy of Communications Arts & Sciences with the principal purpose of advancing the arts and sciences of communications in an international arena, striving to establish[…]

Cindy Award

Spring 2001 Gold Cindy Award Arts and Humanities THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE CINDY, an acronym for “Cinema in Industry,” began in 1959 as an industrial film competition. Today the twice-a-year CINDY Awards are proudly presented by the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators (IAAVC), a non-profit group representing theatrical, broadcast, non-broadcast, and interactive media[…]

WorldFest Houston Remi Award

  2001 Bronze Remi Award Worldfest Houston THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE   WORLDFEST, the premiere Indie film/video festival in North America, has discovered some of the top directors and filmmakers in the world today.

Telly Award

  2001 Telly Award Winner THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE   Honoring the best in TV and Cable, Digital and Streaming, and Non-Broadcast Productions