Fun with grammar and punctuation

This is a fun way to learn English grammar and punctuation!  I love Marie.  I love the scenery, especially when Marie saw the Orca whales, and when she caught a salmon.  I love the mountains and the river and the trees and the beach.

Very useful for ESL students

The video is very easy to follow and very well presented. The visuals are strong and interesting and I really liked how the main points were reiterated with graphics. I could see it being very useful for E.S.L. students.

Takes away intimidation about grammar

As a former elementary teacher and Learning Assistant and E.S.L. teacher at the junior level, I wish I had had access to this grammar course. Marie’s relaxed, concise but clear instructions take away any intimidation a teacher, student or homeschooling parent might have about teaching grammar.

Wonderful English course

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to get this wonderful English course. This is one of the best materials on English grammar I have ever seen. Thanks, again!

Video works very well for presenting the material

I have been using the course with a nine year old Japanese boy, a ten year old girl and two eleven year olds. All of them have previously lived in America and are fluent English speakers. I teach them privately one on one and make the video part of the lesson. The video works very[…]

I love this product

I am using the Cozy Grammar Course with my six year old son. My first language is Chinese, and I have always spoken to my son in Chinese so that he will keep it up. The problem is that he is now ready to start first grade, and he needs to focus on his English.[…]

I found this program extremely helpful

I loved the Cozy Grammar video/workbook course. In studying to become a certified ESL teacher I found this program extremely helpful as a review and in understanding the different parts of grammar and their proper use. The demonstrations were very helpful. I am looking forward to using this program with my future ESL students—what a[…]

A valuable contribution to the field of English language learning

As an ESL consultant and developer of specialized ESL and TESL programs, I would like to commend Ms. Rackham on the creation of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. I have been so pleased with the uniqueness of this program that I have recommended it to various international language schools and ESL students. In fact, the[…]

A teacher that I have looked for all my life

Original Transcription: Last year, I wrote to the Primer Minister. I told him that the method of teaching immigrant people was wrong. His answered me, but didn’t change. The ESL classes are continuing boring. I have had some problems to learn English. I gave up some class. Today I went to library and I got[…]

A wonderful investment!

What a wonderful investment! Since we opened our ESL Homestay School 3 years ago, we have bought a plethora of programs.  Most of them sit on the shelves gathering dust.  There is one notable exception to the rule – The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. Our students vie to see who will get the tape next[…]