Video works very well for presenting the material

I have been using the course with a nine year old Japanese boy, a ten year old girl and two eleven year olds. All of them have previously lived in America and are fluent English speakers. I teach them privately one on one and make the video part of the lesson. The video works very well for presenting the material. They are interested in the scenery and think Marie is really funny. Also they get excited when they recognize the music as many kids here in Japan take piano lessons. The retention of the terms is especially good. They can not only match the terms with examples but also spell the terms. Sometimes when we watch the video again we listen for the different types of birds that we hear. They were really excited when I pointed out the sounds of eagles!

Another class I use the video in is a third year university class. The focus of the class is teaching techniques for teaching English communicatively (as opposed to grammar translation or listen and repeat). I am using the course to teach grammar terms in order to enable students to easily give definitions and examples of the different parts of grammar. Everyone is attentive and interested in the scenery. The language is clear and easy to follow and the repetition is enough for them to catch the meaning easily.