Creative and dynamic approach to grammar

I am elated that Marie Rackham has recreated her style of teaching on video and in print. Twenty-five years ago in an elementary classroom, Marie was my teacher. As a university researcher and teacher today, I have a great appreciation for her creative and dynamic approach to grammar. I remain in awe.

Master teacher

Mrs. Rackham has exhibited the qualities and abilities associated with the master teacher.

Respect and love of her students

An excerpt from a report about Marie Rackham as a public school English teacher to the BC Ministry of Education: Mrs. Rackham’s warm and sensitive humour has earned her the respect and love of her students and colleagues alike.

A teacher full of dramatic enthusiasm

A report to the District Superintendent of Schools about Marie Rackham as a classroom English teacher: Marie Rackham’s teaching style might be best characterized by the phrase “dramatic.” She throws her total personality into instruction and as a consequence, receives the enthusiastic input of all of her students. As a result of this infectious enthusiasm,[…]