Delightfully refreshing approach to teaching grammar

A delightfully refreshing approach to teaching grammar, the Basic Cozy Grammar Course lends itself to a variety of instructional contexts: Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, Business English, home-schooling, libraries, distance education, and community learning centers, to name but a few. Familiar settings for lessons such as the beach, the woodshed, and the[…]

Presented in a delightful manner

I want to pass along some responses from my colleagues about the Basic Cozy Grammar Course. From their point(s) of view they found the course was presented in a delightful manner using a unique approach in pleasant surroundings. They also mentioned they were fun and easy. And as a side note: They found Marie to[…]

A pleasure to write this testimonial

It’s a pleasure to write this testimonial in regards to The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. I’m the director of a training department for a national health care management company. I used the course for a train-the-trainer series that I held. I was a little apprehensive at first to use this with an adult population. Especially[…]