Gifted teacher

The Basic Cozy Grammar course is exceptional! Marie is an incredibly gifted teacher, and the workbook exercises, I found invaluable. I highly recommend it to all who want to improve their Grammar.

This course works very well

This course works very well for my learning style. Not only am I an audio/visual learner, but repetition is a key factor in aiding me to grasp new concepts. Being able to watch the lessons more than once has truly been beneficial and the workbook helps to reinforce what I have learned.

I highly recommend it

I am using The Basic Cozy Grammar Course to personally improve my writing skills. I highly recommend it as an adult learning tool—especially for older adults, like me, who are always looking for ways to better themselves.

Personal refresher and gift for my grandson

I bought the grammar course as a personal refresher and as a gift for my grandson. He isn’t quite old enough to use it yet; but, at least it will be available to him when he is. I like to be able to help him out whenever I can.

A resource that can benefit everyone

The setting was very pretty and therefore relaxing. The lessons are good, especially as key terms and concepts are highlighted by placing them in a caption at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easier to follow the video. The recapitulation at the end of the lesson was helpful, as were the ample examples.[…]

A wonderful addition

Most of the students and tutors who are taking part in doing the grammar course are very enthusiastic about both the video and the workbook part of the course. What students find most beneficial is being able to see, hear, and then work with the concepts being presented. One student, who has been with the[…]

Very satisfied

I am very satisfied with The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. The reason I purchased this course is that this fall, I have decided to go back to college after 20 years. This course is a perfect stepping stone to build my confidence in writing properly. I am only half way through the lessons, but I[…]