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Review: The Cozy Classroom Collection

Music CD – 72 minutes

Performed by Marie Rackham

Grades: Pre-school – Adult

“In recent years many studies have been conducted on the effects of classical music on learning.  The results of these studies are interesting and varied: increased I.Q., accelerated learning, greater retention of material learned, high test scores, and reduced stress and tension, to name a few.”  (taken from liner notes)

Assuming this theory that music enhances learning is correct, retired teacher Marie Rackham has performed, recorded, and compiled a CD of well-known classical piano music.  There are 30 tracks, most of which are two to three minutes in length. The music is entirely piano, without orchestral accompaniment and is soothing and pleasant for quiet background listening. Most of the music (22 tracks) is Bach, Mendelssohn and Beethoven.  Other composers include Chopin, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Bergmuller and Debussy.

Marie Rackham has put this theory to practical use.  “…While I worked on their organizational skills, I also addressed their hyperactivity.  First, I encouraged them to reduce their consumption of “junk” food…and second, I played tapes of quiet, classical music…the results were amazing.  Ten to fifteen minutes into the class the hyperactivity reduced and learning was able to take place.” (taken from press release)  “Play the CD at a low level while the students are being taught a new concept, or while they are studying independently” (taken from liner notes)

This is a lovely recording of piano arrangements which serves as an excellent introduction for young people to classical music and hopefully enhances their learning as they listen and enjoy!

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