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Review: The Cozy Classroom Collection CD

Classical Piano Arrangements Conducive to Learning

The Cozy Classroom Collection CD features Marie Rackham playing 72 minutes of classical piano music, comprised of 30 selections. This collection has been carefully selected, performed, arranged, edited and recorded to facilitate learning.

This CD comes with some interesting facts. Most of us have heard that music increases learning potential, but were you aware that in recent years many studies have been conducted that confirm the rumor? These confirming studies show interesting results: “increased IQ’s, accelerated learning, greater retention of material learned, higher test scores, and reduced stress and tension.”

Ms. Rackham plays the piano with a finesse that is not only heard, but felt. Her selections are peaceful and her abilities to perform them are extraordinary. Even though I play the piano myself, musicians often interpret songs differently. I plan on making a few changes to mimic her interpretations myself. For example, the tempo in some of her songs is a little livelier than the way I learned them, and in others the crescendos aren’t as great as I have played them in the past.

This CD has become a blessed reminder of why God allowed pianos to be invented in the first place. I highly recommend it to all who are in need of a respite.

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