All Star Review

All-Star ReviewsReview: The Cozy Classroom Collection CD

Reviewed July 2003

Synopsis: The Cozy Classroom Collection CD is a collection of 30 classical piano compositions that have been selected to facilitate learning. The composers are mainly Bach, Mendelssohn, Chopin, and Beethoven.

Age-Appropriateness: All age levels will enjoy this relaxing music.

Educational Value: Studies have shown that certain kinds of classical music are beneficial to the learning setting. Music can reduce stress, accelerate learning, help in retention of facts, improve test scores, and increase IQ’s. This CD is designed to be played quietly in the background while studying or relaxing to aid in the learning process.

Sound: The pieces are simply arranged with no extra orchestral accompaniment. Most are familiar or recognizable.

Conclusion: This is an excellent collection of well-known classical piano pieces which is soothing to listen to. As well as its effect on learning, It would make a great introduction to classical music for the reluctant student.

Ages: All

Rating (out of 5): All-Star 5-Star Review