Nature and Imagination

The Free Cozy Grammar Newsletter with Marie Rackham and Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

In her courses, Marie celebrates the natural world and the power of imagination.

So, as the holidays approach, we'd like to celebrate both by giving you a chance to win two free lifetime subscriptions to her Basic Cozy Grammar Course, her Basic Cozy Punctuation Course, and her Basic Cozy Essay Course—a subscription for you and your family, and a subscription for you to give someone as a gift.

That way you can share Marie's way of using nature to teach grammar, punctuation, and writing and of inspiring others to foster their own powers of imagination by honing their technique with language.

Here's an example of how Marie uses nature to walk students through the writing of an expository essay. In this month's first free excerpt, Marie uses the basic essay format she teaches in the Basic Cozy Essay Course to write an essay about the beach in front of her Cozy Beach Cottage.

After you've had a chance to watch, I'll tell you how you can enter to win two free lifetime subscriptions to all of her basic courses.

As you can see, Marie uses the natural world around her Cozy Beach Cottage to make her points vivid, memorable, and clear. This is how she makes all of her courses on grammar, punctuation, and writing come alive.

Imagination and Inspiration

As Marie explains in the Basic Cozy Essay Course, the basic essay format she teaches can be used to write many different styles of essays, each tailored to a different purpose.

In my supplementary video to Lesson 4 of the Basic Cozy Essay Course, for instance, I use the same format to walk students through a personal narrative essay about how J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series has not only inspired a generation of young people to read, but has also sparked many other forms of creativity as well.

In our second free excerpt this month, I walk students through the set for the Grand Hall at Hogwarts while exploring all the artistry and imagination that went into making it.

I invite you to take a peek before I explain about our drawing this month.

Win Two Lifetime Subscriptions to All Our Basic Courses!

Marie loved the holidays and loved the giving of gifts. So in her memory we wanted to offer you a chance to win two free lifetime subscriptions to her Basic Cozy Grammar Course, her Basic Cozy Punctuation Course, and her Basic Cozy Essay Course. That way you and and your family can both have a complete set and also be able to give a set to someone else.

You can enter the contest using the form below. There's no cost to enter, and you can even enter several times by sharing the drawing with friends.

The deadline for entries is midnight PST, December 15, 2019. We'll notify the winner on December 16th.

If you have any questions about the drawing or Cozy Grammar more generally, please feel free to contact us.

We'll do our best to get back to you right away!

Thank You!

Thank you for joining us this month.

We'll look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!

Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma



Marie's Language Consultant
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