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Have you been looking for a way to teach punctuation that your students might actually enjoy and even remember?

Have you tried workbooks or other more conventional approaches only to throw up your hands when your kids or students want to throw them away?

Punctuation often seems confusing because so many ways of teaching it are abstract, boring, and removed from life. Even with a good textbook or a whiteboard video, students soon forget the rules of punctuation because they haven’t seen how the rules connect to the practice of writing clearly and their actual day-to-day experience.

As Marie and Thomas show in the Basic Cozy Punctuation Course, the secret to mastering the dots, lines, and squiggles of punctuation is to connect them to home, the natural world, and the art of writing. Then punctuation becomes a doorway to clarity of meaning, both in one's writing and one's life.

Marie Rackham The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

We feel like a very dear and enjoyable friend is in our living room teaching

At the beginning of this year, I stumbled onto a very unique English curriculum – the Basic Cozy Grammar and Basic Cozy Punctuation courses, an award-winning series of relaxed English grammar and punctuation tutorials prepared as living textbooks. After a little research (do a Google for either course and you’ll find a number of excellent reviews) I decided to order it and give it a try.  I have been using the Basic Cozy Grammar and Basic Cozy Punctuation with my son this past semester, and I highly recommend these courses.  I have noticed a marked improvement in his understanding of grammar and punctuation and a dramatic increase in his interest in learning these subjects.

Marie Rackham is a delightful and effective teacher who has won several awards for her innovative teaching methods.  Her lighthearted teaching style captures the student’s attention immediately. Her lessons are not only educational, they are also entertaining, so my son is always eager to watch the next lesson. Now when my son and I watch the lessons together, we feel like a very dear and enjoyable friend is in our living room teaching both of us grammar.

I was so impressed with this curriculum that I began recommending it to all my homeschooling friends. I was amazed to learn that none of the seasoned homeschooling families in my area had even heard of Cozy Grammar.  So, I have decided to make it my mission to spread the word about these wonderfully effective courses to other homeschooling families.

Clarice Marchman-Jones, Homeschooling Mom,
Founder, Garnet Moon Academy

Marie's Approach

During her many years of teaching, Marie Rackham became a beloved mentor and guide to thousands of students at every level.

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course distills her decades of experience in a gentle and step-by-step exploration of the fundamentals of punctuation. Rather than drag students through a maze of complicated rules, she takes them on the road in her trusty Camino to visit natural and historic landmarks in and around her town of Campbell River. Along the way, at each stop, she explains the different ways that punctuation marks serve as language traffic signs that allow our writing to flow clearly. She also introduces short punctuation poems as a way of making each topic memorable.

Her beautiful and cinematic videos engage visual and auditory learners, and her study notes offer engaging real-world activities that tactile learners particularly appreciate.

Marie Rackham in her hat, greeting you for the Basic Cozy Essay Course

A very gentle way to learn punctuation

I homeschool my son and we have completed The Basic Cozy Punctuation CourseThis is a great course and we really enjoyed it. It is a very gentle way to learn punctuation.  Marie uses road signs as visuals to help learn the punctuation marks and my son said that he would never forget them. This course is very easy to use for student and teacher. After the student watches the lesson, he does the exercises from the online companion workbook to reinforce the concept. The lessons are short and to-the-point, one concept at a time. Marie is very clear and she is always actively doing something while teaching to help the concept stick. The lessons are entertaining with beautiful scenery and relaxing classical music. I highly recommend this course for learning basic punctuation.

Gina Roberts, Homeschool Mom

A very useful addition to any homeschool

Looking for an alternative or supplement to language arts workbooks that will entertain and educate your children? Well, my children and I have thoroughly enjoyed using The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course this past school year. It includes 15 lessons in which course author and retired teacher, Marie Rackham, instructs about the finer points of punctuation. This excellent program includes beautiful photography, online exercises, and engages multiple learning styles, and would be a very useful addition to any homeschool, public library, or home learning resource center.

One feature that makes this program irresistible is the scenery. The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course is filmed around the Campbell River, British Columbia, area and Mrs. Rackham uses a different locale each lesson to illustrate the concepts being taught.  The program is sort of a cross between a travel show and an English lesson. The photography and editing are very professional and pleasing to the senses. This innovative technique is far superior to watching an instructor lecture in front of a black board.

Learners with different learning styles will find The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course useful, as the program has been designed to utilize all the learning styles. When Mrs. Rackham instructs or illustrates an example, the viewer not only hears her say it, but the words are also put up on the screen over the picture and they are often in different colors to highlight the concept being taught. Mrs. Rackham is also an accomplished musician and each episode highlights a different piece of classical music in the background which adds to the overall atmosphere of the program. Then at the end of each lesson Mrs. Rackham reminds the student to do the exercises in the workbook which requires the learner to actively practice the concepts taught.

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course should be in every public library and home learning resource center, but the cost may be prohibitive to many individual home learners. I think the price is comparable to many of the major publisher’s English programs. Many families may be concerned about the lack of consistent review but I use my children’s writing and dictation for reviewing and reinforcing the concepts taught in the program. If there is a concept that my child seems to be struggling with, we simply replay that episode.

In our five years of homeschooling, The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course is very high on our list of favorite curriculum resources. I learned along with my children (do you know what an interrobang is?) and it was fun, educational, and effective. We look forward to using it for many years to come, and we also look forward to using all the other programs in this series. So, if you are looking for a program to breathe some life into your language arts curriculum, check out The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course.

Sarah Sullivan, Homeschooling Mom, Courtenay, BC, Canada

Would just like to tell you that you’re important

I used to watch your DVDs as a kid. I’m 18 now, would just like to tell you that you’re important 🙂

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Here's a taste of how Marie approaches teaching punctuation.

In this excerpt from her lesson on commas, she shows how they tell us to slow down and give a little pause within a sentence.

I am SO thrilled to have found Cozy Grammar!

I am SO thrilled to have found Cozy Grammar! I’m a former high school English/Reading teacher turned home schooling mom. 🙂 My oldest two (twins) will be 11 next month, and I also have 9, 7, and 3 year olds. I’ve done a basic intro to grammar with my 10 year olds, but have lacked consistency. I LOVE Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education, so this is what we use in our home school. Last night I was perusing a new-to-me site called Cozy Grammar was linked in the section about grammar – and I was hooked!

I’m not exaggerating when I say I was in tears watching the intro video and the ABOUT section about Marie. She sounds like a lovely woman – someone I would have loved to have known. I can’t wait to start the course with my children!

Cherridon Akers
Homeschooling Mom, North Carolina

Thomas and Cozy Grammar for a New Generation

Throughout the course, in an entire set of additional new videos, Marie’s Cozy Language Consultant, Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma, interweaves creative writing activities and unexpected ways of connecting punctuation and life.

He brings more than two decades of experience teaching internationally to the course and has received acclaim and awards for his inspirational way of approaching language. His published books include original poetry, translations from the Tamil language, and explorations of our relationship to the natural world.

He also hosts our Ask Cozy Grammar Live Q & A series and is always happy to offer his suggestions and advice to our students.

Here's an excerpt from Lesson 9 of the Basic Cozy Punctuation Course in which Thomas explores how hyphens allow us to use phrasal or compound adjectives and how this use of the hyphen serves clarity of meaning:

I built my language arts curriculum around Cozy Grammar

I am a public school 6th grade teacher and homeschooling Mom. I built my language arts curriculum around Cozy Grammar, and as a result the reading and writing skills of my students have improved considerably. Many of the students study music, so they also recognized and enjoyed the classical piano pieces.

6th Grade Teacher and Homeschooling Mom, Los Gatos, CA, USA

A refreshing change

This course is a refreshing change from regular texts and workbooks. The video captured my children’s attention and helped them to develop a better understanding of grammar. The written portion of the lessons is easy to work through once a lesson has been watched and learned.

Tania D.
Homeschooling Mom, British Columbia

The Course In a Nutshell


Each of the 15 lessons of the Basic Cozy Punctuation Course consists of a streaming video in which Marie introduces that lesson’'s punctuation mark in memorable and gently playful ways, and an additional video from Thomas that ties that punctuation mark directly to the practice of writing. These videos are supplemented by an online workbook with comprehensive study notes, additional examples, and interactive exercises designed to help students learn how to punctuate with confidence and verve.

At the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of how to use punctuation to enhance clarity of meaning in their writing.

Who This Course is For


Families and Individual Learners


The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course assumes no previous knowledge of punctuation and is suitable for ages 9 and up. We've also had students even younger than that enjoy it, and have also had high-school age students, adult learners, and families who have benefited from the course. It also works particularly well for students with dyslexia, who appreciate the visual elements and the gentle and clear approach that both Marie and Thomas exemplify.



I think Cozy Grammar is awesome! It should have been made a long time ago. I hope it gets into all the schools.

Alison Keefe


Charter School Students


We actively partner with Charter Schools to offer our courses to their students. The following schools currently make our programs available to their learners:

If you don’t see your charter school listed, you can ask them to add us as a vendor and we’ll set up a partnership right away!


Schools, Homeschool Groups, and other Organizations


We also offer classroom and group licenses at reasonable rates. Please contact us for more information.


Popular and clear

I showed the course to students at the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade levels. I thought that the grade 9 students might object to the learning style, but when I told them that I was going to use a different program, they didn’t want me to change. The students commented that she (Marie) speaks clearly and that they could understand what was being taught.

I plan to use both the grammar and punctuation courses at the grade 6 level in this coming year.

Cindy W.
Charter School Teacher, Florida, USA

Ecstatic to have discovered Cozy Grammar

I am absolutely dazzled by the content of this course. As a new Language Arts teacher, I am ecstatic to have discovered Cozy Grammar.

Students so often groan at grammar time. However, now they will be pleading to watch one more lesson in anticipation of what island wonders will be next. The short grammar lessons given by Marie are clear, concise and easy to follow. The music, scenery and cottage grace the lessons with warmth and island beauty. Each clip illustrates beautifully the essence of the lesson. The anticipation of what will come next and how the story will be told keeps me riveted.

Each lesson is an island bouquet. Beautiful paper flowers amongst island greens make common prepositions real. A painting of a rock pool and the brilliant transition to the live pool itself breath life into adjective phrases. The eagle on top of the rock—WOW! The misplaced phrase scene is outrageous and Marie’s laughter contagious. Marie perched high on an eagle rock metaphorically representing coordinate conjunctions is delightfully cheeky and her dialogue with the crab pool a treat for any child or adult. ‘The pool is calm yet alive,’ she says, these words echoing the lessons themselves—calm but filled with life and laughter. The evening scene with the brilliant night sounds and the crackle of fire bring to life the sounds of interjections. The garden scene with Karen, Alexander and Devon is lovely. The little voices of children, their small hands and wonderment are the perfect setting for the conjugation of verbs. The daisy chain gift from Devon to Marie incredibly touching and beautiful. The common errors Elmer scene is an absolute roar.

Dawn Ford
Language Arts Teacher, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

What You'll Get

  • A personal account on Cozy Grammar’s website with 24/7 access to all the course videos, study notes, interactive exercises, and printable PDFs, with up to four additional sub accounts for family members.
  • A video introduction and 15 comprehensive video lessons from Marie, optimized for viewing on every kind of device, from desktop and laptop computers to the latest tablets and smartphones.
  • A video introduction and 15 comprehensive additional video lessons from Thomas that show how punctuation connects directly to the practice of writing and the art of creativity.
  • Detailed and thorough interactive study notes with additional examples, bonus videos, and creative writing activities, continually updated and improved.
  • Interactive exercises for each lesson that provide specially-tailored feedback aimed at helping students not only master the fundamentals of punctuation, but also learn how to achieve greater clarity and precision in their writing.
  • Memorable punctuation poems for each punctuation mark.
  • A suggested 36-week schedule that you can modify and adapt if you so desire.
  • A classical music soundtrack designed to enhance learning, performed by Marie Rackham herself.
  • Printable PDFs of all study notes, exercises, and answer keys, formatted to save paper.
  • The ability to print exercise responses if needed for homeschool documentation.
  • An official course completion certificate at the end of the course.
  • The option to access and print a complete record of exercise results for documentation of learning.
  • A free group Q & A session each month to ask Thomas directly any questions you may have about the course topics.

Topics Covered


The following video, an excerpt from the introduction to the course, lists all of the topics Marie and Thomas cover.

Two Ways of Working

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course supports two distinct ways of learning at home.

For parents and teachers whose hands are already full, the course offers a fully self-contained curriculum that students can follow on their own.

For parents and teachers interested in being actively involved, the course also allows working through the course beside one's students and provides opportunities for interaction and activities together.

Similarly, students and families can choose to do all of the coursework online OR can opt instead to watch only the videos online and read the study notes and complete the exercises on downloadable PDFs.

As Marie would say, “It’s up to you!”

Marie Rackham

Additional Free Support


In this time when more students than ever are learning from home, we’ve added additional support in the form of a monthly online Q & A session that's free for all current students and families.

The call meets on Zoom and lasts for up to 1 hour. You can connect via your computer or even just your home phone.

You can learn more about the Q & A call in this video:

We're currently taking a break from our live sessions to film the supplementary videos for the revised and expanded version of the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Levels 1 & 2

Please feel free, however, to continue sending in any questions you might have and Thomas will respond to them in an email.



Marie and Thomas have designed this course to meet the needs of students who want to be able to speak well, write well, and thrive in their studies and their life. However, the course also corresponds with the various state, national, and international educational standards for English Language Arts and Literacy.

It meets or exceeds, for instance, the Common Core Language Standards for Grades 6-10, especially as students complete all the recommended writing and language activities in Marie’s study notes and when paired with The Basic Cozy Grammar Course.

If you have a question about how The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course meets the requirements in your region or country or need specific documentation, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide specific details.

Awards and Reviews


The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course has received some of the highest awards available to creators of educational videos:

Cozy Grammar has also received professional reviews in some of the world's most reputable journals, including:

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're looking for an effective, creative, and heartfelt curriculum for learning the basics of English punctuation, we believe you'll be delighted with the Basic Cozy Punctuation Course.

However, if you're dissatisfied in any way, you are welcome to cancel your registration within 30 days of purchase and we'll issue you a complete refund.

And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us. We’ll get back to you right away!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Rates and Registration

In order to support students and families in these unusual times we're working to keep our rates as affordable as possible.


The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course (Lifetime): $80 $40 USD

Access for an individual or a family for as long as Cozy Grammar is around (20 years and counting!).

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course Group Edition

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