A Cozy Announcement

The Free Cozy Grammar Newsletter with Marie Rackham and Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

It is with great pleasure that we're finally able to invite you to join Marie in and around her cozy cottage by the sea to learn and enjoy grammar and punctuation.

Cozy Grammar is Now Open!

We are tickled and delighted with how all the pieces have finally fallen into place. Marie's award-winning Basic Grammar and Basic Punctuation video courses have been completely remastered for streaming on all devices, with the highest sound and picture quality to date. Her classical piano soundtrack positively sparkles!

Not only that, Marie's study notes, exercises, tests, and answer keys have been re-envisioned, revised, and revamped for interactive use online.

The living textbook that Marie imagined from the beginning has finally become a reality, and we're humbled and honored to be able to share it with you.

Marie's Courses

We're celebrating our grand reopening by releasing two of Marie's most beloved courses:

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

Marie guides you step by step through the foundations of grammar, on the beach, around her garden, and in her cozy cottage on the edge of Discovery Passage.

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

Marie takes you on the road in her trusty Camino to visit natural and historic landmarks, explaining the different ways that punctuation marks serve as language traffic signs.

A Peak at What's Coming

Starting in January 2018, each issue of the Cozy Grammar Newsletter will include free video excepts and grammar tips from Marie, as well as from her friend and language consultant Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma.

Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

Thomas is an award-winning teacher, author, poet, and translator.

He was born in Seattle, Washington, and has lived and worked in Tamil Nadu, India, and Oaxaca, Mexico.

He is most recently the author and translator of Give, Eat, and Live: Poems of Avvaiyar and the co-author of Body and Earth: Notes from a Conversation (with the artist C.F. John) and A Feast for the Tongue: Forty Servings of Spoken Tamil with Helpings of Equally Spoken English (with the scholar Dr. K. V. Ramakoti).

He was recently awarded a National Endowment of the Arts Literary Translation Fellowship for 2018 and is thrilled to be a part of Cozy Grammar.

Offerings to Watch For in 2018

The Basic Cozy Essay Course

The Basic Cozy Spelling Series, Grades 2-8

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level I

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level II

The Cozy Grammar Classical Piano Soundtrack

Our Thanks

Thank you for being part of our grand reopening celebration. We hope you'll enjoy Marie's gift for teaching as much as we enjoy bringing her knowledge, wisdom, and delight in life to a new generation of learners.

Best wishes to you and your family for the holiday and the year ahead.

David Mielke

David Mielke, director and producer of the Cozy Grammar series

Producer and Director
The Cozy Grammar Series of Courses