No One Fails if they Have the Tools

That was Marie Rackham's firmly held belief.

She spent her life helping others gain the tools they needed to succeed, whatever that happened to mean to them.

She even had a sign made to hang in her classroom:

"No one fails if they have the tools." Marie Rackham

This spirit animates her cozy video courses, lovingly filmed by producer/director David Mielke and an intrepid crew of film professionals, family, and friends.

Marie believed that by taking grammar out of the classroom, away from the whiteboard and from abstract examples, it's possible to make the subject engaging and interesting again.

By placing the study of language back into the context of nature and everyday life, the subject comes alive and students gain the tools of grammar easily, even joyfully.

And with our new streaming format, each of Marie's lessons now includes an additional video from her Cozy Language Consultant, Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma, who shows how grammar and punctuation link directly to the practice of writing and creativity.

We've also added comprehensive online study notes, with new activities and mini-lessons, and interactive exercises and review tests, complete with personalized answer keys and helpful tips.

Take a peek at our courses, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We're always happy to help!

Our Courses

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

The Basic Cozy Essay Course

The Free Cozy Spelling Course

Coming Soon

In the next two years, we look forward to offering newly revised versions of her other beloved courses:

The Basic Cozy Spelling Series, Grades 2-8


The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level I

With Additional Videos from Marie's Cozy Language Consultant, Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma


The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level II

With Additional Videos from Marie's Cozy Language Consultant, Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

We also look forward to opening our online music shop.

Many people have been struck by Marie's interpretation of classical piano music, and by her original compositions, all of which form the soundtrack to the Cozy Grammar Courses.

Starting in late 2019, we will begin releasing recordings of the soundtrack she performed in the studio for The Basic Cozy Grammar Course and The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course.

Watch for the news about our first new release:

Marie makes a rainbow of colors dance from the keys of her piano.

The Cozy Grammar Classical Piano Soundtrack

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