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Old Schoolhouse Basic Grammar Review

Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

“Cozy, Cozy, COZIES!” is what my daughter Julia, age 5, shrieks as she dives under her covers and laughs, waiting for me to rush in after her and snuggle. The word “cozy” is just that….a word that makes you feel comfortable and warm, just like Julia feels when she is deep within the blankets, squirming around, squealing for Mama.

Splashes From the River Multimedia, Inc. was smart when they named their product for educators, which is absolutely sweeping the nation with great gusto. Cozy Grammar is the name, and cozy it is — I shall tell you why.

First off, what is warm and fuzzy (in general) about grammar? Come on, be honest. I personally like grammar – It is my favorite subject (even though my punctuation definitely could use some sharpening), but grammar? Cozy? I don’t think so. However, there is a reason this program, which consists of two high-quality video tapes and a workbook (+ answer key), is definitely considered “cozy”. Marie Rackham. This woman is a character in herself. When you see the videos, you will understand what I mean when I say this. She has a cottage on Vancouver Island, right on Campbell River in British Columbia, and she films the classes right there, in and around her beautiful, warm home. The scenery outdoors is breathtaking. Have you ever seen the Anne of Green Gables videos? If you loved that gorgeous scenery, you will be pleasantly surprised at how similar this is. Marie is a retired English teacher who is prim and proper all the way (note the classical music piano soundtrack in the background), yet giggles and takes joy in the simple things around her. Much of the classroom time is spent outdoors, with the gurgling river and on the beach. Teacup in hand, Marie uses her surroundings to introduce grammatical concepts. For instance, she chops her own wood while explaining subjects and predicates. She falls DOWN and “hurts” herself on a log to visually demonstrate a grammar concept to the viewer. We all know how important it is to use visual aids, when we’re driving home a point. This is what Marie does, but she goes far beyond a blackboard and a still-life dummy. You walk with her on the beach, learning to speak and write correctly. You follow her into the kitchen, where she giggles and grabs a cookie. You laugh your head off when she sits on a damp log on the beach, and jumps up in “surprise”, claiming she does not like having a “wet bum”! All of this is for the viewer’s benefit — so they learn grammar.

The Old Schoolhouse™ gives Cozy Grammar the “Best all-time Grammar Award” in our book. This is a full course, complete with approximately 2 1/2 hours of teaching time in the videos and an online 110 page workbook (work along while you view the classes). 27 lessons in all and definitely well-worth the price. This is perfect for homeschoolers, absolutely perfect! Moms, take the class with your kids – it’s a wonderful refresher course. Although it is really designed for kids 10 on up, my two younger children loved “Cozy Grammar”, simply because of all the scenery and “cozy sounds” coming from the tapes. They thought it was great, and so do we. Highly recommended by TOS™ — 20 stars on a scale of five! —

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