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Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

Synopsis: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course is a video course covering the basics of English grammar presented by a grandmotherly, Canadian English teacher. Included in this set, is a reproducible companion workbook featuring study notes, exercises, tests and answer key.

Age-Appropriateness: The suggested age recommendation is 9-12. However, it held the attention of students from ages 9 through17.

Replay Value: It is hard to find a grammar program which isn’t dull or obnoxious, however, this video succeeded. The Basic Cozy Grammar Course clearly explained the various parts of grammar and presented them in easily digested segments ranging from 3 to 10 minutes each. Each subject was clearly understandable.

Educational Value: This video set is ideal for home schooling, tutoring, as a teacher resource, and other situations that teach basic English grammar skills.

Graphics/Sound: Students enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest and the classical music in the background.

Pros: The program contains 27 short lessons which hold the attention of the students. It is appropriate for multiple ages. The home environment setting is something the children can easily relate to and is familiar to them.

Cons: The only complaint (made by a 17 year old reviewer) is that if your children are used to programs which use cartoons, rap or rock music and silly little characters as the main mode of teaching, this program may not hold their attention very well.

Conclusion: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course is a refreshing change from the usual grammar course. As a parent, I am not comfortable with academic subjects taught by silly characters or crude teenage humor. It might take some children a few minutes to become comfortable with the style of the host, but she really was delightful once we got used to her. The program was well designed and presented. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the basics of grammar or who just needs a refresher.

Rating (out of 5): All-Star 5-Star Review