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Education Update Basic Grammar Review

Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course, a series of lessons on two videotapes with an accompanying workbook, was released in March by Splashes From The River Multimedia Entertainment. Marie Rackham, an exuberant retired English teacher, coaches her audience through 27 lessons from her idyllic beach cottage “classroom”. Rackham softens the instruction of what, for many, is a frightening subject by delivering the lessons in her slippers while enjoying a cup of tea. The materials are formatted for a student to watch a lesson and then complete the corresponding workbook exercises. Drawn from the curriculum Rackham used in the Canadian Public Schools, each video contains 14 different lessons, including Kinds of Sentences, Agreement of Verbs, Comparison of Adjectives, Misplaced Phrases and Common Errors. At the back of the workbook are answer keys for all exercises as well as four Grammar Tests. “Live” examples of the concepts being taught as well as Rackham’s colorful personality keep students’ attention during the lessons, while a classical soundtrack stimulates their thinking. Suitable for ages nine and up for use at home or in the classroom.

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