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Diplomatic Educational Services

Letter of Recommendation

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course as an ESL resource

As an ESL consultant and developer of specialized ESL and TESL programs, I would like to commend Ms. Rackham on the creation of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. I have been so pleased with the uniqueness of this program that I have recommended it to various international language schools and ESL students. In fact, the viewing of these videotapes is a recommended activity in the Grammar Module of the International TESOL Certificate Program created by our company.

I believe that all ESL teachers could benefit from viewing Ms Rackham’s relaxed, systematic and clear approach to presenting grammar topics. Similarly, ESL students – young and old – who are confused or frightened by English grammar have all responded positively to The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. The grammar worksheets included in the package further support the effective learning of grammatical concepts. I look forward to the development of a similar grammar program at an advanced level.

Congratulations to Ms Rackham and the whole Splashes From the River team on a unique and valuable contribution to the field of English language learning.

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