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Genre: Family
Starring: Marie Rackham


Marie Rackham, a former English teacher is the author and narrator of these videos regarding rules of grammar. She provides excellent explanations and examples, and the lessons are very suitable for all ages. Included is a workbook which reinforces the lessons in a clear and concise way, and offers review, tests and answer key. The setting is Marie’s seaside cottage in British Columbia, Canada, and she uses everyday situations and colorful graphics to illustrate examples. She is very enthusiastic about the material, and has a charming, sincere, whimsical manner, which offers a pleasant atmosphere away from the classroom.

Christian Worldview:

Marie’s method of presenting these valuable lessons should appeal to anyone who is interested in learning the correct rules of grammar, something lacking at some levels of education. Grammar is an integral part of effective language usage, and should be recognized as such. Marie taught the curriculum covered in The Basic Cozy Grammar Course in the Canadian Public School System, where it was introduced to children at the age of nine, and completed by the age of twelve, with regular reviews and more challenging examples provided right through to high school graduation. Homeschoolers have found that children as young as six find the videos entertaining to watch, even though they are too young to grasp the material. These videos have received a number of awards in the United States and Canada.

Content Description:

There are no objectionable elements in this video.

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