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Review: The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course is an award-winning video and workbook program that teaches grammar in a fun way — and teaches it well. This grammar course is well-named; it really is very pleasant to watch. The cheery instructor-hostess takes us through her lovely cottage and along her Vancouver Island beach property as she demonstrates for us the meaning and proper usage of grammar.

From Nouns and Verbs to Subordinate Conjunctions, the two videos use voice, text, and action to reinforce grammar principles in a way that your visual, auditory, or kinesthetic child can understand. The simple, clear workbook has a definition, examples, and exercise questions for each of the 27 lessons, plus tests and an answer key. The workbook is good, very clear, and concise. I really like that in a text! In other books, the explanations can be so unnecessarily long and unclear, esp. for children. Although we found the teacher’s style to be annoyingly pre-school oriented,  it is still an enjoyable course that’s as useful for adults as it is for elementary or high-school students. As homeschooling parents, probably most of us are being faced with trying to help our kids with grammar that we have never learned.

My husband, who has a degree in Linguistics, also was impressed with the teaching in this course and how it was presented. My children enjoyed it and seemed to remember well what they learned. I do think it’s a great product and a wonderful idea, and we will use it often.

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