How to Memorize Verb Moods in English

Cozy Grammar with Marie and Thomas

Anays R. writes, “How to memorize verbs and moods, such as the conditional, imperative, indicative, interrogative, and subjunctive?”

When we reach more advanced levels of grammar, we often find ourselves learning words we might never have heard of!

Here's a way to bring everything back to a practical and understandable level.

Take a peek!

Marie's Joplin & Me Released

We're delighted to announce the release of Marie Rackham's Joplin & Me, 38 lively ragtime tunes selected and performed to facilitate learning.

Marie writes, "Scott Joplin is an American treasure. His melodies lift my spirit and send my heart soaring to that place where peace resides. His syncopated rhythms stir my desire to dance, and dance, and dance!

"For me he is a body-mind-soul experience."

Ask Cozy Grammar Returns

We're now busy editing the new videos for the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Levels 1 and 2, and are pleased that our live Ask Cozy Grammar Q & A sessions have started up again.

All current students, teachers, and families are heartily invited to send Thomas questions as part of our Ask Cozy Grammar program.

Thomas will answer you directly in an email and may even make a personal video for you as well!

Here for the first time or in one of our free courses?

ask cozy grammar in front of Marie's cozy beach cottage

Back in the spring, we got to hold our live Ask Cozy Grammar session in front of Marie's Cozy Beach Cottage itself.

I hope this finds you and your family healthy and happy.



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