How Ask Cozy Grammar Works

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Crystal from Belfast writes, "We don't have a question in particular, but were curious to see how the Q & A sessions go, so we can be prepared for when we do have a question."

So here’s a brief overview as to how Ask Cozy Grammar works.

What Ask Cozy Grammar is About

We started Ask Cozy Grammar as a way to respond to the fact that so many people are now having to learn from home, whether by choice or by circumstance. We wanted to supplement our courses with opportunities to ask me questions directly—questions about grammar or about learning or about language more generally, or about writing.

How the Sessions Work

The way that these sessions work is that when you sign up, you are invited to submit a question. What I normally do is answer the questions that were submitted in advance first.

Sometimes, if we have a more crowded session, I am only able to get to the questions that were submitted beforehand. Other times, as in the middle of the summer, for instance, there's a little more spaciousness and I'm not only able to get to all the questions that were submitted, but often have time for questions that may have come up during our time together.

So during the session, if you have any questions that come to you, you're welcome to note them down or put them into the chat box at the bottom of your screen. I’ll do my best to get to them!


Also, we record these sessions in case there are people who weren't able to be on the call itself, but still want to have their questions answered. We then upload the video footage to our website after the session so everyone can benefit from the answers.

If you don't wish to be recorded, either your video or your voice, just let us know and we're very happy to edit the video in such a way that you yourself don't appear, just me answering your question.

That's a little bit about how Ask Cozy Grammar works!