Debussy and the Music of Imagination

Cozy Grammar with Marie and Thomas

We're delighted to announce that Marie's seventh album of music for learning, Debussy and Me, is now available for download.

Here's how Marie describes this wonderful composer:

"Claude Achille Debussy was born in 1862 near Paris, and died in Paris in 1918. He was the founder of the Impressionist School in music, music which gives the listener a 'hint' or 'suggestion' of the subject. Personally, I am moved by the atmospheric quality and allusive vagueness of his music. Whether he suggested a lonely shepherd on a hill or goldfish in a pond, he creates an 'impression' that stirs my imagination."

Debussy and Me is a wonderful way to enliven the mind and body for learning grammar, punctuation, or anything else!

You Can Still Ask Cozy Grammar!

In order to complete filming the new videos for the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course by this fall, we're taking a short break from our live Ask Cozy Grammar Q&A sessions.

Please feel free, however, to continue sending in any questions you might have in the meantime.

I'll be happy to respond to them directly and personally in an email!

I hope this finds you and your family happy, healthy, and enjoying the arrival of summer—or winter!—depending where you are in the world.



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