Cozy Grammar was designed for both families and groups exploring language and writing together

How Groups and Co-ops Use Cozy Grammar

From the beginning, Marie hoped that Cozy Grammar would be used by both families and groups who wanted the study of language to come alive by taking it outside of the classroom.

Over the years, we’ve found groups using Cozy Grammar with great success in the following ways:

Working Together By Hand

Some groups watch the videos from Marie and Thomas together. Then they discuss the lessons and use the suggested creative writing activities as ways to continue bringing the material to life. Rather than having the students complete the exercises online, they use the PDF Study Notes to explore writing the exercises by hand.

Creative Independence and Dialogue

Other groups watch the videos together and then have their students go through the study notes and exercises on their own, either online or using the printed PDFs. After the students complete their exercises, everyone comes together to discuss questions and observations that came up while working independently.

Outward Creative Exploration

Still other groups use the videos and study notes as the basis for expeditions and outings to natural and community settings to continue discussing the concepts and trying the creative writing exercises. At the end of the year, they put together and share a homemade anthology of the students' favorite pieces.

Our courses are comprehensive enough that you could make them the basis of your entire language arts program, but it’s equally possible to use the videos or the study notes alone to supplement your other writing activities.

Whichever way you choose to use them, we are confident they will help you and your students open new doors with their writing, their creativity, and their confidence.

A Virtual Tea with Thomas


We’re also happy to offer every group a free Q&A session with Thomas each year. These sessions of up to 60 minutes can be a particularly exciting way for students to prepare and ask questions about writing and language.

As a student in one of our groups recently told us, “It was like meeting a movie star! Thomas even answered my question about sentences.”

In addition, groups receive the same priority email access to Thomas that all of our independent students and families receive:

  • Whenever you have a question about grammar, punctuation, or writing for which you can’t seem to find an answer in the study notes, you can use the priority access form in your account to send it in.
  • As soon as he can, Thomas will answer your question directly. In most cases, he is able to respond within two working days.
  • If your question is one that others might be interested in, Thomas will also make a personalized video answering it.
  • These videos then become part of the Ask Cozy Grammar Library, to which you and all of your students will have access.

How Our Group Pricing Works

We offer access in 1-year intervals to groups and co-ops. As with our family pricing, you are invited to pay from the heart.

First, read our guidelines on paying from the heart. You'll find them summarized in the drop-down box below.

Second, take a look at our suggested group pricing as well as our minimum requested group pricing for the size of your group.

Third, listen with the other members of your group to what price feels best to everyone's hearts.

Then send in the form below!

How To Read Our Pricing Chart


Our regular 1-year individual and family subscription includes a total of 5 accounts: 1 primary account and up to 4 sub-accounts.

Our group pricing chart thus goes up by groups of four additional sub-accounts. All group accounts also include 1 primary account.

All group sales also include one live 60-minute Q&A with Thomas each year and priority email access to Thomas.

We include a basic suggested price column in the chart for comparison. Those prices simply reflect our suggested individual and family price multiplied by 2, 3, 4, and so on, depending on the size of the group.

Unless your group meets our international and "food or shelter" exceptions, we suggest that you use the remaining two columns to guide your deliberations.

Suggested and Minimum Requested Group Pricing for 1 Year

Total Number of Learners

Basic Suggested Price

Suggested Group Price

Minimum Requested Group Price

Up to 4 Learners
our individual and family subscription
$144 $144 $64
Up to 8 Learners $288 $256 $128
Up to 12 Learners $432 $362 $192
Up to 16 Learners $576 $456 $256
Up to 20 Learners $720 $540 $320
Up to 24 Learners $864 $614 $384
Up to 28 Learners $1008 $678 $448

For groups over 28 students, please send the details using the form below.

How to Sign Up for Group Pricing


To sign up for group pricing, simply complete the form below and we’ll send you an invoice for the rate that felt right to your hearts.

We strive to process group registrations within two working days.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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