What is an Objective Complement?

Cozy Grammar with Marie and Thomas

In the Basic Cozy Grammar Course, Marie introduces the concept of a complement.

In the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level One, however, we get to go into greater depth, exploring several different kinds of complements.

Here, Marie gives some helpful examples of objective complements.

Take a peek!

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Intermediate Grammar Level One!

We are delighted to release the updated and greatly expanded Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level One.

If you already have access to our Complete Curriculum, we've just added the course to your account. You can access it via your My Courses page.

If you're currently considering our Complete Curriculum, here's what the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Level One offers you:

  • The key to learning the language of grammar and how it can reveal how much you already know about words.
  • The concept of inflection and how it adds both flexibility and precision to the way you describe people, places, things, and events.
  • The secret life of verbs and how you can use them to convey different moods.
  • A bonus set of tips for acing the language section of educational exams so you can continue opening the doors to your chosen areas of intellectual and professional exploration.

Here's a still from Lesson 7 with a few of our many co-stars: a pair of bright fuchsias.

I hope this finds you and your family healthy and happy.



Marie's Language Consultant
The Cozy Grammar Series of Courses