Lesson 7 Exercises

A Cozy Introduction to Grammar and Creativity

Lesson 7: Exercises

Marie Rackham basic grammar course exercise directions and encouragement

DIRECTIONS: Identify the complete subject and choose whether the sentence is in NATURAL, INVERTED, or SPLIT order.

Remember, if you’re not feeling confident yet, you can always watch the video again or review the study notes.

Also, if you wish to print your answers, don’t forget to do so before you close the final page.

Simply click “Review Answers” on the results page and the print button will appear to the right above your responses.

By complete subject, I simply mean all the parts of the subject.

For example, the herd of elephants is the complete subject of the sentence “The herd of elephants thundered across the plains.”

Be sure to include all the words and spell them correctly, without any extra spaces.

Otherwise your correct answer might be scored incorrectly!