Marie’s Secret to Writing an Essay

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One of the topics Marie was most intent on helping her students understand was how to write an essay. As she explains in the introduction to The Basic Cozy Essay Course, if we don't know how to write an essay, it can be a fearsome assignment.

Perhaps you've known this frustrating experience, or perhaps you've seen it in trying to help your children learn to write an essay.

What you may not know, however, is that Marie knew this experience too, from the inside. When she first went to university, no one had ever taught her how to write an essay and this led to . . . well, why don't I let her tell you the story herself?

You may find it as surprising as I did. 

Marie's Basic Essay Format

As you can see, the secret to writing an essay is to learn and use a basic essay format.

The format Marie teaches in The Basic Cozy Essay Course follows the following basic outline:


The first sentence states the theme of the essay—what the essay is about. In other words you put the title of the essay in sentence form. The next sentence, or sentences, lists the main points of the essay—what you will discuss in the essay. Remember, the opening paragraph is like a table of contents in paragraph form.


Each succeeding paragraph will expand upon the main points you stated in the opening paragraph. You will write a paragraph for each main point.


This is a summation of the essay. It is a “rounding out” of your ideas by bringing the essay back to the opening paragraph.


The Beauty of Beginnings

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I hope this finds you and your family healthy and happy.

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