Do you want to write and speak well but find grammar a closed door?

You know how it happens. You’re all set to share who you are with the world, to knock their socks off with your cover letter, your speech, your application essay, only to have your mind fill with doubt.

Is that the best word? Is that the proper tense? Why doesn’t it sound right to your ear?

And why couldn’t anyone teach you good language without putting you half to sleep?


Or completely to sleep!


Could it be that you’ll just never get it?

timid squirrel intimidated by grammar


It’s entirely possible to master grammar in a way that makes you feel more alive.

A way that not only helps you to share your gifts with the world, but also makes the world more beautiful.

Since 2001, we’ve helped over 10,000 students around the world to bring their language to life.


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