The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level Two

Marie's Preface: How to Use This Course

Welcome to the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level Two!

Welcome to the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level Two! This course is a continuation of the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level One.


Grammar is the technique of speaking and writing.

As both Thomas and I firmly believe:

grammar enhances creativity

It does not stifle it!

Good Organization Enhances Learning

To get the most out of this course, good organization is important.

In my teaching experience I could always relate poor grades directly to poor organization. Good organization prevents many learning and teaching problems. When I was teaching, at the beginning of each lesson I would ask the students to hold up the supplies (textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.) that they needed for that particular lesson. If a student was missing something, I could provide substitute supplies for that lesson. I could then proceed with the lesson knowing that the students would not interrupt because they were unprepared. Every distraction causes an interruption in learning, which in turn causes gaps in learning.

good organization enhances learning

If you are homeschooling don't allow outside interruptions such as cell phones, door-bells, deliveries, etc. to interrupt a teaching session. If you are in a school setting ask administrators, counselors, secretaries, etc. not to interrupt a teaching session. Quiet interruptions can occur when the students are working independently, but it is preferable to keep all interruptions to a minimum. Good organization enhances learning. When both teacher and student are organized, learning flourishes.

Establishing good organizational skills leads to self-discipline. When we learn self-discipline, we can achieve great things; and, as a result, we become productive members of society.

Additional Support from Thomas

All current students, teachers, and families are heartily invited to send Thomas questions as part of our Ask Cozy Grammar program.

Thomas will answer you directly in an email and may even make a personal video for you as well!

Music Enhances Learning

At this time I must comment on the music in this course. Classical music, particularly contrapuntal music (Bach, Vivaldi, etc.), enhances learning. In recent years many studies have been conducted on the effects of classical music on learning. The results of these studies are interesting and varied: increased I.Q.'s, accelerated learning, greater retention of material learned, lowered blood pressure and heart beat, to name a few.

Deep in the brain there is a band of white fibers called the corpus callosum. Very recently researchers have discovered that the corpus callosum increases in size when humans are exposed to quiet, classical music. This increase in size increases the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain which, in turn, increases learning efficiency. The optimum ages for the increase of the corpus callosum are from birth to ages five or six, and during puberty. If you are beyond these ages, don't despair; the music can still help you learn faster and retain what you have learned.

For this reason I recorded myself playing a variety of classical piano music for this course.

Music enhances learning
plants respond to music

Let me leave you with something to consider.

A few years ago I saw a television documentary about the effects of music on plants. The experimenters set up two large terrariums, each containing a variety of plants, and each connected to an audio speaker. Into one terrarium they played classical music, and into the other they played hard rock music. After a time the plants exposed to classical music leaned towards the speaker; but, the plants exposed to hard rock music leaned away from the speaker.

Form your own conclusion.

How to Use the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level Two

The introduction and each lesson in the Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course, Level Two, begins with two videos, one from Thomas and one from Marie, each with a summary for easy reference. Beneath them you'll find links that take you to the corresponding study notes in the online workbook. (I refer to the online workbook as a notebook in the videos, but because you've read this preface, you won't be confused!)

I suggest that you study the introduction and each subsequent lesson as follows:

1) Watch both videos until you feel comfortable with the information.
2) Review the study notes from Thomas in the online workbook.
3) Review the study notes from Marie in the online workbook.
4) Try doing the exercises for that lesson and be sure to review your answers.
5) If necessary, repeat steps 1 to 4 till you feel confident with all of the material.

Remember, it takes time to develop any new skill. With practice, you'll soon be an expert!

Marie Rackham in her hat, greeting you for the Basic Cozy Essay Course
In this course I have used the traditional terms for grammar, such as noun, verb, transitive, intransitive, copula, adjective, adverb, and so on.

You may have learned different terms from the ones that I have presented in this course. Do not let this alarm you. It is more important for you to know what a word does rather than how it is named.

For example, what you may call a modifier, I may call an adjective. What matters is that you understand that a modifier/adjective describes a noun — in other words, what it does.


As you proceed through this course, you will encounter a button that looks like this at the bottom of each set of study notes:

Click this button each time you finish a lesson and you'll be able to print out a personalized certificate at the end of the course.

Here's an example of what they look like:

One Last Note

Basic Cozy Grammar writing by hand

Although the exercises can be done online, I suggest that students also consider copying them by hand. With the wonderful invention of the computer, the skill of hand copying is becoming a lost art. Hand copying develops eye/hand co-ordination: the ability to look at something and reproduce it correctly, such as making a note of a telephone number. It also helps visual and tactile learners in understanding the material more deeply. I encourage you to develop your eye/hand co-ordination by hand copying the exercises.

Now let's get started! You'll find the button for the video introduction below.

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